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Reviews Caesars Palace 8/17 wedding

Many Thanks to all of you who provided valuable information for making our LV wedding a success. Most things went well on the August 17 Wedding day at Caesars. Here are some reviews I hope you will find helpful

Sushi Roku- A

We had the meet and greet here. Appetizers and drinks in a private room overlooking the strip. Excellent food and service. A bit pricey but this was perfect for a group of 20 

Joe's Steak & Seafood- A+

Excellent treatment in coordinating and communicating with me from day one. The food and service were excellent. All guests had a great dining experience.

Colors Salon- A

This salon knows how to deal with brides of all ages. They were accommodating in allowing me to bring all of my own make up and brushes due to they made me look great. Too bad they can't fix me up every weekend. 

Caesars Wedding Office and Chapel

After a terrible start with the wedding office we were reassigned to a coordinator who worked with us to ensure all details were timely addressed. Shani worked hard to undo the damage done by the prior coordinator. Shani had everything ready for us when we arrived in Vegas and the ceremony went smoothly. The Tuscana Chapel was perfect for a smaller wedding and Brian did a nice job with the ceremony. I would recommend using the chapel and wedding services but DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. See Below for more details.

.Imagine Studios Photos and Videography-   Video- C  Photos B+

Our package included the video and photographer during the ceremony plus 1 hour of photos around the grounds. The video raw footage on line looked better than the CD we just received. The Video is out of focus and jumpy- like my 16 year old nephew shot it with a camcorder. We will be following up to see if these problems can be corrected.  Photos- Danielle was very easy to work with for the after-ceremony shoot. We have only seen to on line proofs with the logo pasted across each picture but what we can see looks very nice. It is encouraging to see that  there are photographers who can show us older and bigger girls and guys in a nice photo.

Caesars palace Hotel- F

DO NOT STAY HERE. We had nothing but problems from day one when it came to the hotel. I travel extensively for work and I deal with hotels all over the world. I have never been treated so poorly by any hotel. Their attitude was completely appalling and all calls to the reservation department were routed off shore to people who knew nothing about the property. Things got so bad we needed to engage the assistance of a Concierge Manager to ensure our check in and room reservation was properly addressed. Despite The Concierge manager making extra efforts to address our issues and inform the front desk of our needs at check in, we still had problems. The cleaning staff did not clean our room when we asked them to-despite assurances the room would be cleaned in time for the wedding party to come to the room and dress for the Friday reception and Saturday wedding. We were practically removed from our room because of a mistake in the reservations (we had two back to back reservations to ensure we had the same room for the wedding package and the two previous  nights)  Hotel staff was totally unhelpful and rude when our guests asked for directions to the chapel. The hotel staff was also rude to us when we asked for directions to the Juno Gardens area. One hotel staff member at the front desk said she did not know where the gardens were and told us we should just look at a map- but she had no map. The hotel would not let us use our spa or food credit until almost the last day, and then they screwed up and double charged us for the meals charged to the room. They also charged us for bottled water we never used (we bought our own water and snacks for the room instead of spending 6 plus dollars for a 16 ounce bottle of water and 12 for a cup of coffee). Things were so bad that even the Concierge manager was getting frustrated with the lack of service we were receiving at the hotel.   Overall, all of our guests pulled out of Caesars before the wedding and I would never stay at this hotel again.   Thank goodness the wedding and receptions were not handled directly by the Hotel.   

More reviews on limo, marriage license bureau later



Re: Reviews Caesars Palace 8/17 wedding

  • Thank you for the reviews. Hopefully non of my guests stay at ceasers it sounds like it was a nightmare
  • Thank you for the reviews. I am getting married in the Juno Garden in October 2013. Now I am nervous about our stay at Caesars . . . If you don't mind, who was your original coordinator? My coordinator was good at first but now she has started to fall off. I wonder if it's the same person you had originally?
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  • Sorry you had such a bad experience but I'm glad the wedding overall was brilliant. Congratulations :)
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    They really need to re-train their front desk staff - we had a similarly bad experience with them for our scouting trip a few weeks ago. We're sticking to the ceremony there (Shani is our coordinator too) but feeling a little bit hesitant about doing a block of rooms and a huge suite with them now, if just to save our guests the hassle of dealing with them. There are sooo many hotels within easy walking distance who I'm sure would love to take our $$$ and provide service with a smile!

    Glad to hear your experience with Joe's was great - we're doing our reception in the Gigi room next June and Nicole is easily the most professional, responsive, and genuinely nice person I've worked with among all our vendors.
  • To caminobride-our original coordinator was Rebecca and she was totally non responsive.  When I complained to the wedding office Rebecca lied about attempting to return my messages and then had the nerve to say that she did not have e a contact address for us when our address was at the top of the contract. I pushed for assignment to another coordinator and we were very pleased with Shani. Even if she did not respond within 24 hours, she always responded within two days. Send e mails with your questions. Be specific about what you want and you will be fine. Good luck!
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