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Hoping for a DW

My fiance and I are in the process of looking at a venue for our wedding and reception.  He is very concerned about the amount of money our venue could potentially cost. It doesn't help that his sister is getting married in September and has found a reception site for no cost and every place we look at costs over $1,000.  I am trying to convince him that having a small intimate wedding in Mexico is the way to go, however he thinks it is going to cost a lot more than having it at home.  How do I convince him that having a destination wedding will cost less and be less stressful than having it at home?  Does anyone know of any good websites to use?

Re: Hoping for a DW

  • First let me start by saying that my destination wedding in the Bahamas was certainly cheaper than having a big traditional wedding at home. However, dw and traditional weddings can be equally expensive depending on what you want. The real money saving aspect with destination weddings is the fact that not as many people attend them. That means you'll be saving money on less meals for guests, less chairs, less favors, etc. That doesn't mean that the cost per meal won't cost the same $50 - $100, as it does in the US. 

    Logistics aside my wedding was considerably cheaper than a traditional wedding and a lot more fun. We had about 25 guests and it was amazing being able to spend an extended amount of time with them. I wouldn't change our wedding at all. 

    My dw was less stressful than a wedding at home, but that doesn't mean there was no stress at all. I think the most stressful part of it all was chasing RSVP's from everyone and dealing with "island time."

    I think you can sell your fiance on a dw by telling him about the extended amount of time you get to have with your guests. It was amazing being able to jet ski, have multiple dinners, and play games with guests during the whole trip as opposed to a traditional wedding when you only spend 5 minutes with guests in the receiving line, etc. 
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  • Terri is right on. My wedding cost us less doing it in CA than it would have doing it in WI - but purely based on the fact that we had only a fraction of folks coming out. If we had done it in WI we would have had hundreds of people invited and that was really not what I wanted.

    I think that also depending on what you are looking for, and how concentrated on little details you are, you can have just as much or potentially more stress. If you are more laid back and aren't as concerned with details then it can be much less stress. There are typically packages available for many locations as well where you don't have to search out all the pieces, you just make selections from the options they provide. 

    My favorite part was that we were all on vacation, in an awesome spot and got to spend tons of time with our guests. It kind of extended the whole experience and really made it feel special. I feel like at home it would have been tons of stress, then one day of celebration and then done and back to reality.
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