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Hello all,
I'm desperately trying to find another bride who either has had her wedding at Luciano's North or is going to have her wedding there in the coming year. Recently, we found out that the event coordinator/manager we signed the contract with no longer works there. The actual owner of the restaurant is now managing it and from the few interactions we've had with him we are terrified that not only have we lost our $500 deposit, but we aren't even sure we want to move forward and have our reception there. He told us that we won't pick out our food until the month before! I like to plan ahead, but waiting until that soon before the wedding seems crazy and not at all normal like he assured us. Does anyone out there have any experience in dealing with this reception location? Better yet has anyone dealt successfully with Ray? If anyone can even share their experience with this vendor I would greatly appreciate it! This is causing so much more stress and anxiety and I'm very torn because I love the building I'm just not sure I can deal with the owner and that is a huge part of making sure my wedding day goes smoothly! 

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    Hi, while browsing the boards, I came across your question. We are getting married in Cali and it is pretty common to pick the food a month beforehand. Its what our venue told us, but since I am a planner too, I booked our meeting 2 months prior to finalize. So to answer your question, I don't think its a bad thing to choose your food that close to the wedding. They should however give you a list of things to choose from with the price list. That way you can budget your reception. Good Luck.
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    When is the reception?
  • So here is my update:
    We did end up jumping ship. We had a tense phone call and were offered our deposit back. We accepted that offer and were promptly hung up on. Ray the owner was difficult to talk to and made us feel VERY unimportant. He admitted his business was on the verge of going under hence why he was now managing. We have yet to see any money back but I am just glad to be out of that situation. Word from other vendors in the area is that the weddings there are on a downhill slide. Apparently Ray has run out of food and substituted bad food after running out. Another wedding was such a mess the bride swore she would tell everyone she knew to avoid his establishment. I am here to echo that: If you want to deal with a rude jerk of an owner and put your money into a failing business book Luciano's. I fully expect them to be out of business by the time I would have had my wedding there. It's a shame because the building is beautiful. Maybe the next owner will run a better business.
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