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song for garter toss

So my family loooooooves all the cheesy wedding stuff like bouquet and garter tosses, chicken dance, etc. And while I think they are fine and can be fun, I am not quite as in love with them for my own wedding. So to compromise (my dad is footing the bill) we are doing a bouquet toss and the song during will be Single Ladies, but I'm having a hard time finding a song for the garter toss. This is the only point in the wedding where we will be doing anything in the cheesy wedding tradition family, so the cheesier the song the better! Let me know what your ideas are! (And to those of you who love stuff like this no offense, just not my thing, but to each their own!)

Re: song for garter toss

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Here's some song ideas:
    Foxey Lady by Jimi Hendrix
    Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye
    You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate
    Cherry Pie by Warrant
    Legs by ZZ Top
    A Little Less Conversation by Elvis
    Oh Yeah by Yello
  • We did the garter toss but didnt have a specific song in mind so we let the DJ have the final choice.
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Bill Withers "use me up"

    Tom Petty "honey bee"


  • We are doing the James Bond theme song
  • my DJ did a mix of songs for the garter toss (he had little snippets of some sort) I remember sexy back was in there somewhere.  and "keep your hands to yourself."

  • GB520GB520 member
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    edited August 2013
    We are doing the James Bond theme song
    My friend did this and the groom kept pulling props out of her dress it was funny.

    I like legs, sexy back, and cherry pie.

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