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October 2013 Weddings

Wedding Programs? Opinions please!

Hey Ladies. 

I am 46 days away from my big day, October 11th, YIKES! Kinda freaking out. I have a handle on just about everything but I can't seem to figure out if I want to have wedding programs or not. I was all for it until I went to a friends wedding this past weekend. She had programs and I thought it was a nice touch. However, as soon as I got home I threw it away! It made me think of all the weddings I have been to and if the program was really needed. Some had programs and the ones that didn't, I didn't feel like I missed anything.  


Re: Wedding Programs? Opinions please!

  • For my wedding, I opted not to do them.

    I'm not having any readings, and, excluding the ceremony, there's nothing specific happening that I feel like people need to know who's who and what's going on.

    But, ours is a fairly low-key and laid back affair.

    But, you can always do the blend, that I'd considered myself of having a program printed on a fan (my wedding is outdoors).  At least it'd be useful in that case.  :)
  • We are also having them, mainly because we are having a Catholic ceremony and not everyone is Catholic! We are also making them ourselves. I fully expect them to be thrown away immediately so I am not doing anything too fancy. As a guest I like to have reading material just to know how the ceremony will generally proceed, get info about the bridal party, etc.
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  • No programs here. We're not doing anything that I feel needs to be explained, plus it's an expense that I can't justify when they're going to get tossed anyway.

    (I've also never been to a wedding where they had programs.... Lol.)
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I asked my mom if I needed them and she said they were a huge waste, so I didn't end up getting them.

  • Our ceremony will be so short I feel like we do not need them.
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  • We are doing them because we want to recognize a few people in them. One of his sisters is doing a reading, and his other sister is going to be playing the keyboard before the ceremony begins. I want to include an "in memory" note on the programs as well, as I recently lost one of my grandfathers.
  • We are just putting a large chalkboard up with the wedding party and the list of the ceremony.
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  • schellzinatorschellzinator member
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    We are not planning on having programs. Mainly to save money and also I always throw mine away at weddings. :) Personal preference though!
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  • We are doing programs because we are having a church ceremony that will be about 45 minutes long. There are two readings, and my maid of honor is singing a song.  We also have a very large bridal party, and I think it would be nice to list all of their names. FI's father is deceased, and I plan on having a special section for him as well. I think there are about 200 people expected for the church (but who ever really knows!) and we plan on doing 1 per couple. 

    I am ordering them on etsy - I figured if I'm going to do them, I want them to be really attractive on high quality paper.

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  • Thanks for your input! I talked to my mom last night about it and she wants them....go figure! Which I understand, I'm an only child and she wants to keep any memento she can surrounding my wedding. Plus she offered to pay for them!  
  • We are doing them.  My aunt asked if she could do them for us so thats really the only reason why.  I didn't care either way.  We are having a short church ceremony with 2 readings.  A program is appropriate but I don't think people will be clueless if we didn't have them.  
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  • We are not doing them.  Mostly to save money.
  • We are having them because we are a church ceremony, and you need to know what pages to go to in the book. Also, FMIL likes them because if you have a singer and such, she doesn't know if its a special relative or a professional.
  • We're doing them, but mostly because our wedding is Catholic and about 90 percent of our guest list isn't, so the programmes are primarily for them to follow along and know what's going on. I designed them myself in Microsoft Publisher, we're printing them on our home printer on special paper we bought on clearance at OfficeMax, so all told, they're not going to be terribly expensive.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • We are doing them.  I like having everyone know who the wedding party is, readers, music ect since it is a full catholic ceremony.  We are doing them ourselves so all we have to pay for is the paper and ribbon, so it will be very inexpensive!
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  • I am having a program to tie-into my theme and to give guests a heads-up on things that are going to be a little different.  That way they have a feel for how the day is gonna go, even though there are things that aren't traditional. 
  • Through out the entire planning process, we planned on having them. I even orderd some DIY ones from exclusively weddings. 4 weeks later, I received a call from EW stating they were on back order and they did not know when they would be getting them in, so they were cancelling my order and I could check the website and re-order them later. After searching for different ones, I started thinking about just not having them. I am so tired of spending every waking moment thinking about planning our wedding, I am seriously ready to just be married. We have now decided to save the time, money, and stress of designing/printing them and just not having them. I like to have them to read when I go to a wedding just to have something to pass the time while waiting, but I would not miss them if they were not there.
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  • I decided to make a "play poster" type thing as the program and will be at then entrance of the ceremony since we are getting married in a theatre. plus people just really throw them out
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  • We are using a chalkboard, IKEA has them for $14.99
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