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I've started talking to florists and getting quotes. Wow, flowers are expensive! I wanted simple centerpieces with roses and maybe tulips but even that is expensive! I'm expecting about 150 or so guests. What type of flowers/arrangements are you ladies using for your April weddings?




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  • I'm doing daisies and carnations. Have you thought about doing silk flowers for your centerpiece? We've saved almost 500$ doing silk
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  • I am not using flowers in my centerpieces at ll.  I am decorating candelabras.  The only flowers we are getting are the bouquets an boutonnieres.  
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  • We're incorporating candle collages w/ our flower centerpieces to cut down the cost.
  • I think we will also use candles along with the centerpieces to cut down on flowers. I was able to negotiate some with our florist and get the price down :)


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  • I'm not using flowers for centerpieces. My $200 flower budget only covers my bouquet and 2 BM bouquets. I'm not sure what I'm doing instead. I have a few ideas on pinterest.

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  • Thankfully my venue provides candlelabras. They said I can use them at no extra cost. They also said all I have to do is show them how I want the tables set up and they will set them up for me.
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  • JahBJahB member
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    what is the average cost you have been seeing for flowers?
  • $3K, but I have a big wedding & wedding party so that may not be "average".
  • I plan on ordering wholesale roses and hydrangeas and doing the centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and brides maids bouquets  myself. My future SIL used to work at a florist so she will be helping me. For my bouquet we are ordering this arrangement http://www.ftd.com/vera-wang-pcg/the-ftd-eloquent-bouquet-by-vera-wang/product-verawang-ftd/v13/ and tying it ourselves. The total for all the flowers and vases for them from wholesale is about $700. My bouquet will be $100. So about $800 total for all florals.
  • I'm doing sola flower kissing balls (3 on each table) I can start early, and they will never die!!! For all 45 centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnières it will be around $700.
  • I wonder if anyone has ever done baloon centerpieces?  They would be cheap, come in different colors and you could put them up higher to not be in people's faces while eating...hmmmm
  • Hmm.. balloon centerpieces would seem more like a birthday party to me.
  • I have 150 people as well. I need to call my florist and cut back on the flowers though because our ceremony site changed to a garden and we won't need much out there. The current quote from her is $4,000 for an absolutely absurd number of flowers. I haven't gotten a sample bouquet done yet to know what the final flowers are going to be. But my colors are blush, coral, gold and gray. I want my girls to have blush bouquets with mostly roses and hydrangea and I want a more colorful one, probably with roses, ranunculus, hydrangea and a peony or two. I like tulips too, so I may bring those in. 

    I agree that balloons say birthday, not wedding. I'm going to do high centerpieces because the hall is pretty plane and we can't put things on the wall. This is what I'm thinking: image

    And bouquets (but switched, I want color and since my girls are wearing coral, I want their bouquets to be softer in tone)
  • Red/White/Black are my colors so I'm sticking to roses for the bouquets- me (red) & bridesmaids (white). Classy/classic I think.

    For the centerpieces, I got this cool idea from one of the florists I talked to. Tall square clear vases filled with 10 white tulips tied together with a black bow in a little water. On top of the vase, black/damask lampshade with battery tea lights resting on a small clear plate hidden by the shade. So it will look for a really classy lamp filled with flowers. Around the table, I'm planning to have red rose petals on black tablecloth & white votive candles.

    In my mind, it is gorgeous... hopefully it will look it when the day comes :)

    I have a really good cheap florist out in Oak Forest, IL who is covering all flowers (ceremony, bouquets, centerpieces, reception decor etc.) for $1,500. I'm having 150 guests.
  • I'm doing white hydrangeas with pink roses for my centerpieces, pink roses for my bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and a mixture of pink and white roses for my bouquet :)

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    love that centerpiece sbmini...


    thinking something smiliar with roses and hydrangas with more purple colors. Still love the idea of cherry blossoms as well.

  • I ended up catching a sale from efavormart and spent like $60 because there was a 30% off sale that day so I got 320 purple adn ivory open roses.  I chose silk flowers because I am pretty allergic to most flowers and well they were realyl ncie when I got them in.  The leaves look at little fake, but I plan on taking them off anyways!
  • We're having a small Destination Wedding, but we got our flowers for around $500. We just did my bouquet, 2 medium BM bouquets, FI got a Blue Orchid boutonniere, DS got a smaller version of FI's boutonniere. GM's get a small rose bout, and then the flower girls are getting flower pomander balls. We'll use the bouquets in vases on the table at dinner. We are having an at home party a few months after the actual wedding for those who couldn't make the trip. 
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