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Where is the best Casino is Vegas?

Hi all,


After my wedding dinner I'm planning on heading to a Casino for the evening to have a big blowout (not too big blow out otherwise we won't have any $$ for the honeymoon but more than we normally would!)

We are looking to ideally spend the rest of the night at 'x' casino so I'm looking for a nice casino with some good bars whilst we are not on the tables. Where would you recommend? Do you think it would be ok to still be in my wedding dress?!!


Any recommendations will be greatly received!





Re: Where is the best Casino is Vegas?

  • We are doing this at the Wynn but mainly cos its so close to our reception at Maggianos. Ive heard great things about the Aria casino :-)

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  • Aria has great bars, I have always seen a bride in the casino. I will be there next May... :)
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  • How many people do you think you'll have with you? I always love the Chandelier bar at cosmopolitan, and the piano bar at the Wynn (but depending on the time it may be hard for guests to come and go if they want to gamble).
  • Caesars and MGM come to mind.  MGM has a big floor and lots of bars near by.  Caesars has some fun lounges too!  Celopatra's Barge and they are opening a new champagne bar, Fizz soon too!

    Also Venetian and Palazzo!  

    And totally okay to wear your wedding dress!  I can't wait to play craps in my dress :) 
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  • Before I give a recommendation, do you have any preference on table limit?  And what day of the week are we talking?  That could definitely narrow things down.

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  • There will be about 12 of us but all may not come to the casino.


    It will be a Tuesday night so hopefully not too busy!

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    lol I meant table limit as minimum bet. :-)  Should mostly be a non-issue on a Tuesday; I think you'll find a lot of $10 (sometimes even $5) up and down the strip; Fri/Sat a lot of places like Caesars and Mandalay will go $15 or even $25, which my wife hates.  I was also going to say that on a Fri/Sat the wedding dress would be a bit less than ideal at some of the more packed clubs, but would probably be okay on a Tuesday.

    Not sure if you'd consider off-strip but Palms kind of jumps out to me as an ideal place for this.  Casino is well laid out, room for a group, and you could go to Ghost Bar or Moon for the clubs.  Both are 50+ stories up and have awesome views of the strip.  Won't be that busy on a Tuesday but talk to Chris at in advance and he can probably get your party some kind of deal like free cover for the guys and who knows what else.

    Second place I'd look at would be Mandalay and the Foundation Room or Mix as the club option.  Mix tends to close early if it's not busy though so that's why I'd look at the others first.

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