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Clueless about planning... Venue ideas needed!

edited July 2013 in Massachusetts-Boston

Hi, So my fiancé and I have been engaged for about 9 months. We are hoping to get married in September or October of 2014. We are spur of the moment type people... so wedding planning is a very daunting task for us. I realize that venues book up way in advance and I feel my window of oppertunity for snagging a good venue is closing. Anyone have venue ideas for ~175 people around the Boston area (within a 30 mile radius)? We are trying to keep our budget around $20,000.

Also, anyone think it would be worth getting a wedding planner on a budget like mine? Not sure how much they cost, but I love the idea of having someone with experience help us out!




Re: Clueless about planning... Venue ideas needed!

  • What is your style-rustic? Modern? Classic?

    Off the top of my head, the first to come to mind was Lake Pearl Luciano's in Wrentham. They have a bunch of package options in your price range, and it's a pretty spot with a traditional vibe.
  • I like modern/classic styles. I am not into the rustic/country type setting. I did go to a wedding there and liked it!  
  • Cool! Another one that I've heard good things about, but haven't been to personally, is the Holiday Inn in Mansfield.
  • I think understanding how many people you want to have at your wedding will help keep you within your budget too. If you can tell us how many guests you are thinking about inviting, I bet you will get a lot more recommendations for spaces that are relevant to your needs :)

  • Pembroke Country Club is affordable and under 30 minutes South of Boston- you should check it out!

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