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Just got back from seeing Pen Ryn and everything seemed too good to be true. I came home and looked at reviews and this is what I found 1. Reviews over a year old 2. The three reviews from 2013 were all negative.

Has anyone had their wedding or been to one at Pen Ryn recently? Can you please share your experience?

Re: Pen Ryn reviews

  • My friend was going to have their wedding there, but they cancelled. I would say all is fine, just don't cancel. They called 2 weeks before the wedding and asked for their seating chart... They were not happy about that...
    Other than that, I am getting married at the Belle Voir and couldn't be happier :-) We booked w/ Patty, but when I tried to e-mail her, I found out she had left! (I was surprised no one told me...) But the new woman we are working with now is still super nice and totally easy going. My wedding is about 9 months away, so I don't have much review yet, and haven't gone to a tasting (they are the 3rd Thursday of each month). I hear the chocolate chip cake is good. The new woman I am working with is Megan and she is on top of her stuff. She reviewed my contract with me and even gave recommendations on vendors to use.
    My parents had gone to a wedding at the Belle Voir and they were really impressed. The food was good (minus the seafood  they said something was off about it that night). But, they said the event was nice and dessert was delicious.
    From what I have learned before booking there is go in with a budget in mind and don't be afraid of what the number is. Chances are they'll work with you on it, and if not give you more for your money. My fiance and I were deciding between here and the Merion, and this one just fit us better.
  • My sister was married at Pen Ryn 3 years ago and I must say, even though I have been to a million venues since, this is one of my favorite venues! It is so beautiful, the food is delicious, the view is amazing - she had a great experience working with them and we all had a ball! Now that I am searching for a venue I find myself comparing everywhere to Pen Ryn ---- wish I get married there too! She didn't even consider Belle Voir because there wasn't a bar in the reception room which I agree is a total deal breaker! Good luck!
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