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So there is 43 days to go, and I am under a lot of stress.  Which has been causing a lot of anxiety.  Some stressors in my life; my fiancés family who isn't paying for anything concerning the wedding sure has been making a lot of demands, and doing things that I find completely unreasonable.  For instance, my future MIL, is wearing champagne to my wedding... even after I asked her not to.  My future SIL(s) are saying that their children should still be invited, and on top of that one of them is pregnant with her 3rd baby girl... yet they thought it was funny to have her baby shower the weekend of my wedding!!!! Who the hell does that?  Anyway, work gets the best out of me too.  Right now i'm working towards a promotion, but everything and everyone around me is making that very difficult. I have been calling out of work a lot lately, or leaving because I have anxiety attacks at work.  Its horrible. I've been to numerous doctors in the past three months, hospitalized twice and no one seems to believe me and my issues.  It is so frustrating, because I need serious help.  Yesterday I went to the doctors, and I told him my heart had been at 140 bpm for 4 hours.  Today I had to call out because the anxiety really took a toll on my health. Anyway, I just don't know if any other brides are going through this or went through this.  How did you cope? Was there any underlying stressors you didn't realize you were dealing with, until you dealt with others? HELP! I'm in need of suggestions.  

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    Hugs to you! I can sense the stress you are in.

    As per the family, particularly the in-laws, your FI needs to deal with them, not you- they are his family. Is he helping you out? As far as the other issues- whoever pays, gets the say, and you (or I should say, your FI) may need to be more frank about it. "Sorry we cannot accommodate your children at our wedding", "This is the decision that has been made, the deposit is placed, THIS is what we're doing". If family threatens not to come then the answer is "We're sad to hear that, you'll be missed". End of convo.

    The stress you have sounds pretty serious- I would find a doctor who is welling to help you out. Or, what may be better is finding a mental health organization that could help you with some counselling or have better contacts for you, for someone who can help.

    As for the other issues- you need to ask yourself, "Is this REALLY going to make a difference on the day of? In the long run?". Is it worth the stress it is causing you? Probably not. Who cares if FMIL wears champagne- even if she wore white. No one is going to confuse her for the bride, and you will be so focused on your FH that you won't notice her. Not worth it. 

    Exercise is very beneficial, both for stress and depression. Take some you time, go for a walk, use it to clear your head, or yell at your FMIL in your head. 

    Take care of yourself!
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