Heartwood acres wedding ... need info!

hello, ive been researching wedding venues and came across heartwood acres...sounds great! i havent yet spoke with anyone yet because the women in charge is only there a few days a week . I was excited to hear that they had a reasonable price for tent table and chair rental, then looked into the jpc event group and that was very reasonable as well and could do everything for us ! ive been googling and read somewhere that you have to be out by 6 or 7:00pm!?? i was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this ? i hope its not true :( im also looking into the lodge at north park but it needs alot of dressing up but with the cheap rental fee it could be done. i would truly love to find a barn venue but everything i find is just way to much money . my wedding budget total is 10,000 all together .... hoping i can find something soon!! help!:)

Re: Heartwood acres wedding ... need info!

  • It would be best to call them directly:

    But I am 99% sure you do have to be out before Dusk. and not only do you have to rent a tent and chairs, but also tables, china, silverware and glassware as well. 
  • Yes, you have to be out of there before dark.  Typically daytime lunch/early dinner weddings are held there.
  • I don't know what the cost is but I was recently at a wedding held at Betsy's Barn. It was absolutely beautiful. Also, the succop conservancy is very beautiful as well but I believe they book up super fast. Hope that helps :)
  • my wedding date is set for next july but i'm having it at the kohut pavilion at penn's scenic view. its a large pavilion that fits 250ppl. I don't live in pa any more and plan on making a visit in october but from what i've seen its a nice venue and its very needs some dressing up but is outdoors. we plan on moving all of the picnic tables out from underneath it. hope this helps!
  • We are having our ceremony and cocktail hour there with a full reception at another venue as you do have to wrap up at hartwood by 6:00.  I would be happy to discuss the details and the reception site we chose if you would like.  Feel free to e-mail me and let me know. 
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