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Mid-Strip Hospitality-Sized Suites

After our own less-than-pleasant and a bride's horrible experience at the front desk of Caesar's, I'm reconsidering our plan to get a Senator's Suite there for the meet and greet/afterparty and am looking for other options in the immediate area. We need a suite that can hold about 20-30 people comfortably in the living area.

I got a quote from Bellagio for their hospitality suite - it's $890 per night, pretty much the same as Caesar's. If this is the correct room, it actually might be pretty cool:'s+Remodeled+Executive+Hospitality+Suite

I also have a quote pending for The Mirage - they have a hospitality suite too, but it looks a little bit smaller:

Treasure Island has a Penthouse Suite which looks to be about the right size and as a bonus has Strip views (I don't think the other two do) but the decor is extremely outdated compared to the other two:

I couldn't find anything big enough on the websites for Flamingo, Paris, Bally's, or Harrah's.

Do any of you have any experience with the three suites I have found, or know of other large suites within easy walking distance of Caesar's? 

What about Venetian and Palazzo - they have great suites, but are they too far away of a walk? I really want to keep it close by and not have to worry about providing transportation.

Thanks in advance! I don't know how I'd do this without everyone's help on the forum.

Re: Mid-Strip Hospitality-Sized Suites

  • We stayed in a tower suite at the Mirage and it was very nice!  The issue with having a meet and greet/after party is that to get to the floors with the suites you have to have a key card.  They have special elevators that won't go to the floor unless you have the key card.  I was told that the Tower Suite there could fit about 20 comfortably, not sure how much bigger the hospitality suite is..

    I don't think the walk to Mirage, TI or even Venetian/Palazzo would be bad.  The nice thing about TI is that there is a tram from Mirage to TI, so you would only have to walk to the cab area at Mirage and get on the tram.  You can cross the street in front of Mirage over to the Venetian and walk in on the first level under Tao.  

    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Have you looked at Cosmo or Aria? They beside Bellagio and they have some nice suites.
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  • @KikiMira I've thought about it but isn't it pretty far walk compared to the ones I've listed?
  • There is a free tram you can catch at Bellagio and stops at Aria :) Its not a terrible walk about 20 mins but the tram takes about 4 mins. 

    Have you looked at the Calais Suite at paris?
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  • Oh, I kind of forgot about the tram :-P Thanks for the reminder! I'll have to look more closely at Aria and Cosmo.

    Yes, I looked at the Calais, a bit small for the number of people we'd like to host. (I'm picky, I know! But thanks so much for helping!)
  • I just came across this about Aria, I can't find a ton of info on it, maybe perhaps email and ask... If you rent the night perhaps this is an additional thing you can add. When we booked our room for the wedding the first thing she asked was "would you like to do an insuite reception?" So, I assume they accommodate to them.

    On little las it said:  "They also appear to have a variety of in-suite options, including an all inclusive two hour reception with carving station and open bar for 35 guests in your ARIA suite."  -
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