Help with BETHEL INN- Looking to connect with anyone who has booked a 2013 or 2014 wedding.

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Hello!!  I am getting married in two weeks at the Bethel Inn in Maine.  We are having some concerns with the coordinator, venue, spa etc.  Is there anyone out there who is having these same isssue?  Or am I going crazy?!?  :-)  Most reviews I have read are from early 2013 or prior when there was different personnel involved.

THANKS!!!!!!!!  Bethanie

Re: Help with BETHEL INN- Looking to connect with anyone who has booked a 2013 or 2014 wedding.

  • Sorry I can't help ya....  Didn't book there nor do i even know where it is or anyone who has been there....  What kind of issues are you having??  When's your date??
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  • we have our wedding in may 2014 in bethel but arent at the point of problems developing, but i am curious as to what youre experiencing and with whom.  hope it gets worked out though! 
  • We mostly had problems with lack of organizingand professionalism with the coordinator, mostly forgetting or getting wrong many details (# in bridal party, menu, timing, etc.) I would suggest YOU be VERY detail oriented in your planning and keep copies/ emails etc. of all your decisions. 

    Also- the Spa is NOT part of the Inn and they were not accomodating at all re:getting nails done for the bride and MOH.  The MOH called 4-5 times and they called back weeks later only to say they only have a 7:30am appt. for the bride they day of the wedding?!?  Sunday River had time that morning instead. 

    On the wedding day the Coordinator did not keep us on time and next thing we knew we were 40 minutes LATE into the reception.  Have your own time keeper for the day of to keep you and your parties on track.

    After all was done, we had a EXCELLENT time!!  The Conference Center was a great venue and beautifully decorated for our style and theme.  The food was wonderful, the bar tenders and servers very professional!  Golf and the Millbrook Tavern were great!

    Just check in often with the Bethel Inn and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions/ concerns!


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