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Florida-Central Florida

Mixology Class for Signature Drink?

Does anyone know of a place where you could go to work with a bartender to develop a signature drink? I want to have something unique at my wedding :) I actually live in Jacksonville, so a place closer to there would be awesome, but I'm wiling to travel a little.
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Re: Mixology Class for Signature Drink?

  • I just went to Applebees, sat at the bar at 3pm on a Sunday and told the bartender what was up.  She showed me the recipe book and recommended things based on strength, color, and taste.  I was done in 2 hours, and got to eat while I was doing it.  It just cost me a good tip.   

    I could talk through things like "what if it was THIS, but we added some of THIS and garnished it like THIS."

    Easiest decisions I made in the last month, to be quite honest. 
  • That's a great idea as long as the bartender is open to it! Sounds fun :)
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