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I am getting married at a hotel and plan on having a breakfast for the morning after for all my guests that have booked a room. I am making little welcome bags for everyone staying and plan on putting an invitation in there to invite everyone to the breakfast. I was wondering if anyone had any cute wording for the invitations. I can't really find too much. Thanks :)

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    Just be straightforward:

    Join us for breakfast
    Day after wedding

    No need to be "cute."
  • Ditto @Jen4948. It's easier for people if you communicate directly. "Thank you for sharing in this special time in our lives. Please join us for breakfast on Sunday at 9am for breakfast in The Restaurant." 

    Note that if you formally invite people, you should plan to foot the bill.

  • Well I already told every one verbally and I am paying for it. I just wanted to put a little reminder invite in the bags.
  • Ditto Jen.

    Also put the menu on the invite.

    Breakfast to me means a full breakfast. The whole spread...eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, coffee, juice etc.

    If you're just doing something like pastries and coffee...I'd probably go eat actual breakfast first and stop in for a cup of coffee to say congrats again.

    So either:

    Join us for a full breakfast buffet
    Day after wedding


    Join us for pastries, juice, and coffee
    Day after wedding

  • Regardless of how you word it, I just wanted to chime in and say that you're a lovely hostess.  That's a really delightful gesture for your guests.  I would love to attend more weddings with a bride as thoughtful as you.  I would love to copy your idea, just not sure it'll be in the budget!  :)
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