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Help! Help! How do I plan my wedding in Vegas from the Uk?!

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah. I need some help and advice on our wedding in Vegas please! We have booked our flights to Vegas for the 11th of April, no hotels yet as we can't decide! We were going to get married on the 14th as its a few days into the holiday and gives us time to get settled however a lovely lady on here, Mo Mulenga, has already booked the photographer (Bently and Wilson) that I wanted for that day. Anyhooooo as we only have a few guests flying over with us (big party when we get home) we were thinking of doing the little white chapel (fun but hopefully not too tacky) then over to the Sugar Factory for a few cocktails (I've heard they are fantastic) and food and then onto somewhere else. My questions, if any of you can help me: Any good reasonable priced photographers in Vegas? I'm looking for unique funky photos around the best spots on the strip. Is the little white chapel ok or should I use somewhere else? Where do you think we should go for drinks after the wedding? I just thought sugar factory would be somewhere different. Any reasonable priced hairdressers and make up artists? I tried to contact Mac at Caesars Palace but didn't get a response. Any other tips? Think that's it! Sorry I know it's a lot, I really didn't think I would have to think of so much for a very small wedding! Sarah x

Re: Help! Help! How do I plan my wedding in Vegas from the Uk?!

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  • Welcome date twin... or is that quad now? Our day is getting popular @jiimanie and @nixym. Sorry I stole Todd but there are heaps of other great photographers in Vegas. Mike L, Glitter Lens, Dott Photography, Julie Bergonz (sin city shooter) and Tyler Freer come to mind just off the top of my head.

    Sugar factory is a nice choice for drinks but ive seen poor reviews on their service. Another suggestion for drinks is the chandelier bar at the cosmopolitan. It looks stunning. For hair and makeup, once again HEAPS of vendors! Definitely check out the list on Harmony Medina is very popular on this board but I have her booked on our day for my MIL and SIL between 1 - 3 so she still may be available earlier/later that day.

    The little white chapel is very classic vegas. How many guests will you have and what is your theme for the wedding? Maybe that will help us give you suggestions. 7 months and 2 weeks to go ladies :-) our day is going to ROCK!

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    Hi Sarah, is it just you getting hair and makeup? I considered contacting Mac as I had a trial with them in the UK but I couldn't find a way to contact them at Caesars. I would suggest going to the salon in your hotel, it can be pricey though. I stayed at the Cosmopolitan in July and used their salon for a spray tan, hair and make up. I didn't have any bridesmaids. My Mum, aunts etc all used the salon in their own hotels (Aria & Vdara) and everyone loved the outcome.
  • Hi Sarah-I'm a June bride coming from the UK and know exactly how you feel! You think it's a small event but then all adds up! My plan and vendors are- Hotel-Wynn tower room-everyone I have spoken to has said the Wynn is amazing, last time we stayed at Aladdin (now plant Hollywood) so happy to be top part of the strip. HMU- going to book glam squad today, thinking that will do airbrush make up. Been good email comms so far. Ceremony-graceland chapel, Mary has been amazing over email and we want a bit of elvis fun with a minister doing the serious part. Having Brendan as elvis playing the guitar walking me down the aisle -cant wait! Photos-agree that Todd from Bentley and Wilson looks one of the best-vegas groom will have a list of others. Drinks-we are planning on chandelier bar at Cosmo but will check out sugar factory as well Evening meal-olive at Bellagio on the patio, I have contacted the manager and explained our wedding day and happy to accommodate us out of the patio with a great fountain view-iconic vegas! I looked at lots of restaurants but we aren't "foodies" and would feel comfortable spending lots on a meal in an atmosphere that would make us uncomfortable. Have you looked at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris for yours? They can do semi private areas for small parties and great central location? Plan then to do honeymoon through yosemite and back down the Californian coast line-found most of the hotels for the trip and doing it in mustang GT. we are also hiring a Corvette convertible for Vegas (couldn't do the road trip in it as no boot space!) FI wants the corvette and we are going to go to Clark county office for wedding licence, red rock canyon, strip, valley of the fire in the vet so he is very happy. I am considering a sky dive the day before the wedding as a surprise for him as he has always wanted to do one, I'm scared witless and my friends are worried we will die so are saying do it after the wedding! Haha! Hope this gives you an idea of my day, you will be fine planning from the UK-good luck and enjoy!
  • Hi Sarah, can't believe we are now a date 'quad', congrats on your upcoming wedding! I know what you mean about there being a lot to think about, all I wanted was a simple Vegas wedding and now I have something quite full on booked (although it is still fairly low key compared to most normal weddings) whenever I get stressed about it or start over thinking stuff I have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for the easy option and I need to keep it that way! We're flying on 11th as well, from Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic, who are you flying with?

    Firstly I thought it might be worth telling you which vendors I have booked so that you don't waste time contacting them for a quote. We are eating at The Wynn buffet in their semi-private room at 6pm following our 3pm ceremony and 2 hour open top double decker bus tour from 4pm-6pm. I know Mo has a bus booked I think 5pm-7pm and I think they only have two buses. We have Joey Allen booked for photos all day, and I have Make-up in the 702 for my hair and make-up from 11.30-1.30 on 14th. I also have a trial booked with them on 13th at 10am. But Mo is right there's loads of really great photographers and make-up artists in Vegas, which is why making those decisions was very hard for me - hopefully us having stuff booked already will help simplify the decisions for you!

    As for photographers, Mo mentioned a few good ones, but if you're looking for affordable then the cheapest by far that I came across is Keith Kaplan, he was free when I contacted him, and his photos are very good, check out his website - all the links are on The hair and make-up artists I was also considering include Amelia C, Desert Glamour, Stevee Danielle and Your Beauty Call. 

    Planning from the UK (I'm in Cardiff) has been fine so far, we've had lots of emails with vendors, a couple of phone calls, and it has all gone very smoothly. The main thing to remember is that weddings are big business in Vegas, everyone knows what they're doing and they're very experienced in most cases! And all of the reviews on this forum from previous Vegas brides help to support that fact and reassure us all that we've booked reliable and trust worthy vendors to help our day go smoothly!

    Good luck and if you have any more specific questions get in touch :)


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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Deep breaths - I planned a wedding from even further (Qatar) and it turned out just fine.  I even booked my photographer without having met her.  See our pictures here.  Take deep breaths and use Skype whenever you can and vendors are willing - it's free and will help calm you.

    Additionally, try getting in a few days ahead to put yourself at ease.  We drove over from LA on Thursday and left Monday and it was a great decision. 

    You'll be fine!!
  • I'm the 13th, just the day before, and while I don't think I have a real date twin on the Knot, I do lump myself in with you ladies. Can we be a 5 point star? LOL
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  • OMG, firstly can I say that you girls have really scared me!! Apart from having the flights booked and a few ideas I have nothing!! Yous are all sooooooo prepared! Secondly thank you all so very much for your advice, I really think I need to get a move on and get it all booked this week. Thank you for letting me know about the Chandellier, I will have a look at that plac (a few of you have mentioned it) e as my parents aren't that keen on the sugar factory. I don't really know what my theme is, my party when I get home (which I also haven't sorted yet!) is vintage with a twist of Vegas glamour so probably along those lines. its only going to be a very small wedding with currently us, my parents and 2 friends so far. Thank you to all of you for showing me your itineraries, there is so much to think of! What is this bus tour yous are all doing? Just me and my mam getting hair and make up done, didn't even think of getting a trial the day before Jiimani!! As there are so few of us, do you think going for a meal is right or should we go straight for drinks? Thank you everyone, Sarah
  • Sorry also forgot to ask- does anyone one know if the little whit chapel is a good chapel to use? I'm only thinking of that one as its the only one I have heard of (celebrity weddings and all that...) or should I use somewhere else? Sarah
  • Yes of course @allyldo you make us a star!

    Sarah - don't worry, I've seen people on this forum plan their wedding from only one week before - you have plenty of time - me and Mo are just super organised! 

    I'm doing a trial because I want to test out a couple of things (including airbrush make-up) and take a few photos in the daylight to see if I definitely want to go with it (control freak just a little!). 

    There's loads of chapels on the strip (I'm getting married in one called Little Church of the West) and most of the hotels have chapels too, including quite a few outdoors one. You really need to check out the links on - there's plenty of chapels on there to get you started. I've not seen much written about Little White Chapel so can't advise there, but maybe you could look on weddingwire for reviews?

    The bus tour is a way of seeing the strip between the ceremony and the reception whilst also taking some photos. Some people do a similar strip tour with their photographer in a limo or party bus. You should look into it, you wouldn't need a very big vehicle for your small party so it should be quite affordable!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Thank you Jiimani for your help. Wow, I have just checked out that vegas, amazeballs!! Soooo informative. One more question ladies, what's this about hiring a registrar and taking them to any spot you want to get married. Does anyone know anything about this??? Thank you all again, Sarah
  • Wow Sarah with a group of 6 your options for ceremonies are basically endless. Hiring an officiant to come to you is an EXCELLENT idea. I can recommend rev roland august (the mobile minister) but thats biaist cos I have booked him for my 4pm ceremony. There is also the option of getting married in suite. If you like the cosmopolitan their wrap around suites are incredible. You could even hire an officiant to come do the ceremony on the balcony overlooking the strip. Other options include ceremonies around the strip even at the sign (although could be a bit noisy).

    The benefit of some chapels though is the live streaming for folks at home to watch. Chapel of the flowers is also very popular however they do not allow guests to take pictures which was a deal breaker for me. I definitely think you should have dinner after your ceremony and celebrate with your group. Im too excited about all of us April 13/14 brides. If I see even 1 of you on my day im gonna go WILD!

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  • We got married in October 2012 at the Vegas wedding Chapel ( The have a nice gazebo that we got married in front of. It was very pretty. I can show you pics. I used Whitney with Desert Glamour and I loved my hair and makeup. I have booked her again for this October when we go back for our anniversary.  

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  • Hi and welcome, I also really like

    I can vouch on the horrible service at sugar factory, ours was so bad we actually got up and left 35 mins in too not even receiving our waters and a quick "hi, im your waiter, I will be back in a minute to take your order" at the 15 min mark, we never seen him again and there was maybe 4 tables in his section that he was looking after. Horrible service and i hear the food is just ok. If you want to feed your guests there are plenty of better options than the sugar factory.  
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  • Thanks guys a few of you have said that Sugar Factory isn't that good, think il check out the Chandellier and other places instead. Also not seen many reviews for the little white chapel so going to look at other options. Gosh all of my plans have changed! Thanks very much for all your help, Sarah
  • Your best friend will be real reviews. Trip advisor reviewers hold nothing back. With the bad reviews there is always a trend - bad service and over priced food. 

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  • Yelp is another great site for reviews. Some people can be brutally honest.

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