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Jewelry - What are you wearing the day of?

I'm trying to decide what I want to wear for jewelry.  I'm thinking drop pearl earrings, but not sure about necklace...which got me thinking - what are you ladies doing (or not doing) for jewelry?

Re: Jewelry - What are you wearing the day of?

  • Honestly I'm still trying to decide...lol. My first choice is Amber but I'm having difficulty finding just the right pieces.
  • I have:
    right hand ring
    simple bracelet
    tiny cross necklace (super simple, and it's hard to see from a distance unless the light hits it just perfectly. I was 100% certain on it when I put it on with my dress at my final fitting.)
    stud CZ earrings for 1st hole
    21st birthday diamonds for 2nd hole
    and probably the little flower I've been wearing for a long time in my cartilage.
    hair comb (which I will be wearing the entire day)
    and veil (which I will be wearing for the first look, ceremony, pictures, and probably our first dance.)
  • Honestly, not much. My dress is sorta elaborate (as most are) and I don't want to detract from it at all.

    Pearl bracelet
    Single pearl earrings
    E ring on right hand
    Then, wedding band on left

    No necklace - my dress has a high neckline. All was jewelery I previously owned, so I didn't need to buy anything new.
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  • i have a sweetheart shaped neckline

    so i am wearing a freshwater pearl necklace
    my ring i always wear on my right hand, amethyst- which is my birthstone
    no bracelet
    pearl drop earrings in my first hole
    my moms pearls in my second
    and probably just my diamonds in my 3rd hole.

    im not changing any of my other piercings. my hair is going to be 1/2 up 1/2 down so u wont even see most of them anyways.
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  • Of all the items I listed, I don't plan on wearing 2 of them after the wedding. (The hair comb and veil) I've been wearing my right hand ring every day, and I'd love to wear my necklace but I want to keep it looking new for the wedding day. My dress is a "mild" sweetheart neckline and is rather on the simple side. 
  • My sister is lending me her pearl necklace and I'm wearing the diamond studs from FI in my ears that I always wear and my e-ring. 
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  • I'm wearing one of my ivory earrings from the set my grandmother gave me.  My sister is working the ivory rose broach in to my bouquet.  We're also going to see about working the necklace in to the bouquet.  I told my mom I want to take at least one photo of me in my gown with my ivory necklace.  I'd always dreamed of getting married in my ivory...until I put it on with my gown at my last fitting.  No.  Just, no.  :(  Sadly.

    So instead, I've bought some dangle earrings with rhinestones and faux pearls with a necklace and bracelet which I swear look like they should have been done as a set!  And, I only paid about $27 for all 3 pieces.

    I'll try all of this one with my dress at my next fitting to finalize it and make sure I like it.  If not, I've still got some time to find something else.
  • For the life of me, I can't figure jewelry out.  I need GOLD based jewelry (color, not material), since I'm wearing a gold dress, but I am having a really hard time finding something delicate and lacy like traditional bridal jewelry that is in gold and not in silver.   I have an inexpensive necklace - drop earring set to use as a possibility, but I am still looking for something I may like better:

    -Dangly earrings
    -Headband thing or comb
  • My dress is v-neck with straps, so I decided not to wear a necklace. I will be wearing my e-ring on my right hand, drop earrings and a simple jeweled headpiece. 
  • I will be wearing CZ studs in my ears and my mom has made my necklace.  I'm very broad and with a strapless dress I have a lot of area to cover so the necklace is three strands.   I am very grateful that she made the necklace, however,  I'm a little disappointed because we picked out dark green beads along with the royal blue.  Mom my ended up using the lighter green colors because she felt they matched better.  Yeah, don't have that color green in anything!  *sigh* 

    I'm still debating on whether or not to have a bracelet.  I'm not much for jewelry so everything I'm wearing will be more than I usually wear.  
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  • Earrings: A pretty little pearl pair of studs that FI got me for mother's day this year.

    Bracelet: A small silver one with a cross on it.

    Necklace: And then I splurged on this necklace from Caroleeimage while it was on clearance at Dillards. I love statement type necklaces like that and wear them all the time, so I knew I wanted one for my wedding day as well! I just haven't tried it on with my dress yet, so I'm hoping it will look okay. If it doesn't, I have a pearl necklace FI got me a few years ago that I'll wear.

    And then for the reception I'll take out my veil and replace it with a lace headband. We had to take soo much length off my dress that she had to cut out some of the lacework at the bottom, so I'll be using the leftover lace from my dress on the headband.
  • earrings: statement chandelier earrings.  very sparkly!

    necklace: none

    rings: ring on right hand

    bracelet:  sparkly 6 row band

    headpiece:  headband that goes around the head that is also sparkly with a veil.

    i also have a bedazzled belt to go with my dress
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  • I'm wearing my normal diamond stud earrings (for all 4 piercings) and a necklace my mom had made for me. My grandmother passed away last January and my mom took her old jewelry and had the diamonds repurposed into a necklace. It's my something old :)
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