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Does anyone know of a private bartender that would be interested in doing some bartending at the Vista Suite for my reception? Another knottie recently wrote that they hired someone and had good luck and offered to give out there number but I haven't heard back yet. Just wondering if anyone else knew of anyone.

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  • When is your wedding/reception?  You can try posting on Craigslist and require work experience or bartending school certs.  I know a bartender on the strip and she always has an up to date resume that includes her regular job as well as special events, so those would be standard to send quickly from someone who is qualified.  You're more likely to find a good bartender available if your wedding isn't during swim season, as many bartenders have their hours cut when the pools close up for the year.  Another consideration is insurance, part of the benefit of a bartender vs mix-your-own is them not over serving so you aren't liable if one of your guests drives drunk.  Hopefully in Vegas they're staying at a nearby hotel anyway and wouldn't, but if you have any concerns I'd bring it up with whoever you decide to work with.
  • I can recommend culinary pros. Their bartenders are insured, $30 an hour for a 5 hour minimum.

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  • I'm using the Liquor Girls next month.  They have been great to deal with.
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    Was going to send you over to @candis83's post about Roberto but then I read the OP more closely and realized you were probably talking about them not replying :)

    I'm still decided whether to get a bartender for our suite afterparty. Our regular reception is at Joe's but then we're inviting our younger family & friends to hang out afterwards. I think it would be a nice touch, and the rates seem fair, but it's just one more vendor to deal with and we're trying to keep it simple.
  • I'd probably go with Culinary Pros too for liability reasons.  If someone without liability/workers comp is working for you and slips and falls, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit over something stupid.  Bar tenders are going to be working with liquids, ice, etc. so never know.

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