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Hi -

I got engaged on 8/1 and my fiancee wants to get married on 11/29/14 our 5 year anniversary.   I found a caterer I would love to use so had to find a venue that would allow an outside caterer. 

The question is neither area has a place for a separate ceremony.  It will be too cold to do it outside.   Does anyone know of a place where we could have a ceremony only?   I would love to have a wedding in a Catholic Church but I am a lapsed Catholic and my fiancee is divorced so I don't think a church would even allow the wedding.

Any help would be appreciated!!



Re: Ceremony Only Locations Annapolis Millersville

  • There is a Universal Unitarian church in Anapolis. UU churces are generally pretty open to outsiders , and it my be a good option for you. The Maryland Inn has a nice ballroom with big fireplaces at either end that would make for a nice ceremony space. I'm not sure if the Historic Inns will rent out only a ceremony space, but it doesn't hurt to ask. St. Johns College has the boathouse and the Great Hall. Both are stunning, but pricey.  You may want to check out Baysidebride during your planning. It's an Annapolis-focused wedding blog that's pretty good. Good luck!
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