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Hi all! 3/8/14 bride

Just stopping by to say hi, now that we've officially signed the venue contract and it's our date officially! Yipee!

Re: Hi all! 3/8/14 bride

  • Congrats. We are date twins. Happy Planning :)
  • Congrats to you, im still working on booking my venue. We pretty much know which one were going to go with, we just need to pay the deposit. How did you choose your venue?
  • I found a bunch of places I liked based on pictures (via theknot as well as other sites, mostly photographers) and contacted them for more informaiton. There were a few that I knew were a reach financially but got the info for just in case they surprised me (they didn't.) 

    Then I narrowed it down to my top 5, and FI and I went to visit them. From there, we put together a spreadsheet to estimate total cost (including everything) at each location, and went with one that a) we both loved w/out any real issues and b) we could afford. 

    We lucked out and the place both of us liked the best in terms of feel/vibe/location/etc also happened to be affordable because the cost of the venue included a wedding planner AND the venue allows you to BYOB as long as you provide a bartender (we'll do that through the caterer.) 

  • Congrats Date Twin:) happy Planning
  • yay! date twins! good luck!
  • Me too! Yay!
  • Hello date twins! March 8 here as well =)

    Fingers crossed we all get great weather on our wedding day! Here on the East Coast we can either have snow or a beautiful sunny day in March (hoping for the latter of course.)

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  • Me too!!! Sunny Florida wedding here!
  • 3/8/14 Wedding as well!

    Midwest wedding, hoping for a decent amount of snow on the ground, just not a snow storm the day of!

  • I'm also a March 8 bride!  Finalized the chapel, priest, and reception venue last week!  

    Keeping my fingers crossed for warm, spring-y weather for our outdoor reception in San Antonio, TX.

    Congrats and happy planning to you all :)
  • 3/9/14 here! We're going to Vegas with our families, it's going to be a blast!
  • Date twin here too! Congrats! We've been engaged for a while so we're working on minutia!
  • Date twins (lots of them I see)! We're getting married in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we were born and raised. :)
  • Date twins!! Another Sunny S Florida here :)
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