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We are having a destination wedding in floridly in January 2014, we are doing our reception march 2014 . we decoded to do koozies but I am not sure if I put a date on it of actual wedding or the reception or don't put any date on it at all? suggestions? thank you

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    I don't think you should put a date on it at all.  Except for your mom, people won't find use for a koozie that has your wedding date on it.  ETA spelling
  •   I wouldn't put a date on anything.
  • suggestions what I should put on koozie then?
  • Have you thought of something special from where you're going in Florida?  Maybe there's a special candy factory there, or something locally produced like citrus jam, citrus candy?  I have an entire drawer full of koozies at my house that I'm about to throw away to make space for something useful.  I never use them, yet I seem to acquire them at events.  I don't take favors with me at weddings that are "stuff" anymore.  It's just another thing to toss in a junk drawer at home.  
  • I've never used a koozie in my life, and I'm from the beer capital of the US.

    Save your money and skip the koozies.

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    They aren't popular on here, but I love koozies. I would seriously use a koozie even if it had your wedding date on it. This is one of those know your crowd things, which I think most favors really are. Just because strangers on the internet don't like them doesn't mean that your friends and family won't like them and use them.  Perhaps if you don't want to put the date on it since it's a little confusing you could just put a picture or something on it. Like little hearts or something that goes with your theme.
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