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Our one year dating anniversary is coming up

It's this Saturday, actually. And I'm pretty excited! BF is planning something for me. :)

Will he propose? I seriously doubt it. BF and I are not even in a good place financially right now to get married. If he were to propose right now, it would have to be a long engagement, probably a year and a half to two years. I do know that he is planning on using his grandmother's ring to propose with so cost is not really a factor but still. I would be extremely surprised if he did. With that in mind, it's been easy to convince myself that he's not proposing anytime soon. It's been easy to focus on our relationship and how good it's been. 

I won't lie, though. Every now and then, I do wonder a little bit if he's planning to propose on Saturday. But I always try to immediately squash that thought. 

I'm focusing on the fact that he's actually planning a special date for us! He never plans anything, ever. So it will be exciting to see what he comes up with.

Basically, I'm not really expecting a proposal. I'm just expecting an awesome celebration of the fact that we have been together for one amazing year! Oh Saturday, please arrive ASAP. I want to go on our wonderful date that BF has planned for us :)

So I'm curious. What amazing dates has your BF/FI/H planned for you? What was the best date you ever had with them?
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Re: Our one year dating anniversary is coming up

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    Honestly, I always get kind of sad when people talk about the amazing dates they go on.  My BF and I don't do anything super impressive lol we don't make a big deal out of our anniversaries as long as we spend time together.  I am hoping we will do something exciting this year it will be #5, but we are not in a great spot financially either.

    We do get each other little gifts or do loving gestures quite a bit, which is why I think anniversaries/dates aren't quite a big deal to us.  It makes every day a little more special. The most amazing thing he's done in this regard comes down to one before we ever even started dating:

    I used to have a Little Foot stuffed animal as a kid, and I gave it away to a friend who was moving out of state. I missed that dumb little dino my whole life, and I could never find one again. I told him all about the story and if anyone found one for me, I would love that person forever.. About a month later, I got a package in the mail: it was a Little Foot stuffed animal :) 

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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    It's #5 for us as well this year, and I know we won't be doing anything big because we're not in great financial shape right now. Right now we make do with the quality time we spend together.
  • H and I don't usually do any crazy dates.

    He's gotten me some pretty sweet gifts though.  One year, for xmas, he got my blue diamond earrings.  They're gorgeous and I wear them all the time. 

    For my 21st birthday, he surprised me and took us on a 10 day long cruise.  He put a lot of effort into making a card that looked like a cruise was super impressive.

    Mostly, though, we don't go too balls to the wall crazy.  We'll do day trips or weekend trips here or there.  He cooks me AMAZING dinners all the time and makes AMAZING bananas foster for dessert.  We snuggle.  We're a boring OM couple.
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    BF and I are really low-key when it comes to dates and celebrating anniversaries. We care much more about spending quality time with each other than the extravagance of the date - we are also poor college students! We don't even really go on dates that often. We are more likely to stay in, cook dinner together, and watch a movie than go out. It's just what we prefer.

    The best date we ever went on was on our last anniversary. BF planned the entire day himself. We drove up to a small mountain town and spent the majority of the day wandering around, walking down by the river, and just in general enjoying spending time together. Then we decided to take a random road to see where it ended up which was a fun adventure. It actually took us to Boulder where we stopped by the meadery to try something new. Then we had a nice dinner together after we got back home. It was a really fantastic day :)

  • Congrats on year one! :) And yay for surprise dates!

    BF and my best dates usually involve staying in; those are the ones where we laugh the hardest and have the best conversations. But we have had some pretty awesome dates out! Let's see, most recently BF planned our vacation to Luray, VA, which was so nice and fun. He did a great job of organizing everything and making sure it all ran smoothly. We also went to Chincoteague last year around Christmas-time, and that was probably my favorite vacation we have ever taken. BF isn't much on surprising me with dates or anything (other than chocolate, lol, which is fine by me!). It works best when I tell him what I want to do and come up with ideas and do preliminary research, and then he does the actual planning with my help on specific things if needed.
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Our dates are usually just dinner and a movie. I can't remember us doing anything crazy or extravagant for an anniversary. My H isn't the romantic or planning type, I do pretty much all of the planning. A few weeks ago, I decided we needed a weekend away so I booked a cabin in upstate NY for us. We took our dog and spent most of the weekend "unplugged" which was really nice. 

  • I have to brag on FI and say that he is pretty romantic and creative when it comes to planning dates. There are numerous dates that he has planned throughout our relationship that have been amazing but I have to be cheesy and say that the best date he planned was the one he proposed to me on. 

    It was the day after Valentine's Day and he said he wanted to go out to dinner that night...which wasn't unusual since it was a Friday. He said to be ready by 5:00 and he would come pick me up and take me out on the town. I love getting dressed up so I was pretty excited to go somewhere fancy but I hate being surprised so I was a little peeved that he wouldn't tell me which restaurant we were going to. So it took about an hour to get to the "restaurant" with traffic so he was making some phone calls telling the concierge that we were running late. Once we got there, we pulled up to The Ritz which had a restaurant inside.

    He made a reservation for 6:30 but once we got to the entrance he said he actually made the reservation for 7:00 and wanted to show me the suite he reserved for the evening. I basically melted. He reserved one of the executive suites and had rose petals spread throughout the room, with candles and champagne. That's of course where he proposed. 

    The dinner there was fabulous minus me looking like an idiot trying eat classy food which I don't know how to do. There were so many little utensils and I thought it was hilarious watching the waiters trying to synchronize when they set down our plates. 

    Anyways I'm a cheeseball.
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @kelley198721 Congrats on your one year anniversary!

    BF and I aren't really romantics so we don't typically go all out for anniversaries or dates...hell neither of us even know our actual anniversary date, just the general time frame. Plus also eating out is epensive so we don't do it much. However, some of my favorite "just us" things that we do together include apple picking in the fall, going out for fancy authentic sushi in the city, and hiking. It's also a lot of fun for us to plan out a fancy meal we've never tried before and shop for everything down to the specific bottle of wine we want to pair with it. Honestly some of the best times we've had are the days when we don't plan to do anything and our day is totally spontaneous.

  • Like @southernpeach89 - My H can be really sweet and romantic when he puts his mind to it.  Our proposal was insanely romantic.  H started with a dinner at a really romantic restaurant where people in Chicago often propose...which had me confused for a minute until I shook it off because H had also convinced me that after dinner we were meeting a friend, who was staying at his old apartment (which he had moved out of a few weeks prior), at his old apartment and then headed to somewhere in the neighborhood for a charity event his friend was involved with.

    Instead, I walked into a candle-lit apartment with a rose-lined path leading to several of our travel pictures to India, Mexico and beyond. H had hired a violinist to play some of our favorite songs and a photographer to record the event.

    H very sweetly reminded me of some of our favorite memories in our times together and the ones we can expect to look forward to in our lives together. And then he asked me to marry him.  We spent the night celebrating at his old apartment and some of our friends joined us for drinks to celebrate.  It was a great night.

  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    My favorite "date" was our one year anniversary. Our anniversary is just a few days after my birthday, so my mom and stepdad came up to visit that day and take us out to dinner to celebrate my 25th birthday. We went to a great Italian restaurant, and I remember worrying about how much I was eating because I bought a pretty snug-fitting dress to wear that night. Although BF had met my parents many times already, that was the first time we had been out to dinner with them, and it was a lot of fun. After they left, BF and I made some drinks and got ready to go out in the city.

    We decided to go to the bar we had met at, and I was excited because we haven't been there since the night we met. When we got there, it felt surreal - I remembered every little detail about that first night, Then BF, who's not especially romantic, said he wanted to do a "Year In Review". We went month by month through our year together and talked about all of our favorite memories, how nervous and excited we both were during those first few weeks, and every key moment of our relationship up to that point. At the end, he told me he had a little present for me. I was shocked because I hadn't been expecting anything at all. My birthday had been earlier in the week and somehow - although he had been making very little money at the time - BF surprised me with an iPhone. So yeah, I really wasn't expecting another present. He pulled out a little jewelry box and told me that he couldn't afford anything really expensive, but he wanted to get me something to commemorate our first anniversary. It was a simple teardrop-shaped Swarovski crystal on a thin silver chain, and it was perfect. I totally teared up as he put it on me and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. It's still the most important thing I own and if I had to save one object from a fire, that would be it.

    Last year we went back to that bar with a bunch of friends to celebrate my birthday, and one our actual anniversary we went out somewhere nice and still did our "Year In Review". 
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  • @hummingbird125 - I love the "Year in Review" idea.  :)
  • @hummingbird125, that is a melt-your-heart kind of anniversary story. Very sweet :)
  • Congrats on one year! I'm sure this weekend will be fun - be sure to come back and let us know what he did to celebrate you guys :)


    My BF is romantic in different ways than planning dates. Usually our dates involve finding somewhere yummy to eat, preferrably somewhere we can dress up a little, and drinking an awesome bottle of wine. That suits me just fine! But he loooves to surprise me with thoughtful gifts, like a pretty ring on Etsy he knew I liked, or a book I mentioned I heard about online and thought was cute, or a jersey from my favorite football team just in time for the season. The love language he likes to speak the most is definitely gift giving!

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