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Help with a wine tasting bachelorette party!

My bestie has requested a wine tasting weekend in Paso Robles, CA as her bachelorette party, and as her MOH I am all on board, except I can't quite figure out the best way to get from place to place without a potential DUI involved! If any of you knotties have done this, please help! No one wants to be the DD (and who blames them?), but our funds are limited. Is there a cheap way to have about ten girls get shuttled to several wineries? Preferably even pick us up and drop us off at a hotel? (the location of which is still tbd)
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Re: Help with a wine tasting bachelorette party!

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    I would call a few of the wineries and hotels and ask. This is a problem for any big group doing wine tasting, so I'm sure there's a bus, a shuttle, or something you can rent. 

    If you are offering to throw this party for her, that's fine, but you can't pass any costs on to the other BMs (in the event you rent a bus/shuttle/limo). If they offer to co-host that's another story - then you can plan it together based on a pre-discussed budget. 

    All too often, BMs and MOHs come here with complaints because of pre-wedding parties where they're presented with a bill. I'm just passing this along so it doesn't cause any potential issues.

  • Do you have a brother or cousin or male friend (age 25+) who wouldn't mind making a few bucks serving as a pseudo shuttle driver for the day? I say male friend, since they won't feel offended "waiting in the parking lot" so-to-speak, while you ladies tour the wineries. Heck, my DH would probably do this for me, if I were in this situation.

    You can pay to rent a van from Hertz or Dollar or wherever for him to drive. Pay him $100-$200 for the day. Problem solved. Still not cheap, but much cheaper than hiring someone from a company.

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    My daughter's MOH arranged a bus trip on the New York state wine trail. Each bm called in their own reservation and cc payment. They either chipped in for my daughter or the MOH picked up the tab for her. A quick search for Paso Robles winery tour turned up many options, here's one:

  • We did this for my friend's BP last year! It was awesome!! We did rent a limo bus and split the costs. There were a good amount of us so I think with the limo, the tastings, drinks, and snacks it was around 65-75 each which I didn't think was too bad.
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