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Hey there ladies, I was wondering how do I go about blocking off rooms in a hotel? LIke how far in advance, and will I have to know exactly how many rooms we need or is an estimate sufficient? Also, ladies in the mystic area, any advice on hotels that have good deals or specials. thanks in advance.

Re: Hotel questions?

  • You should book at least 6 months in advance, you just call and say that you want to reserve a block of rooms for a wedding.  They usually start you off with 25 rooms and they'll give you a group rate (it's usually between 10 and 15% off of what someone would pay for the room).   Sometimes they have you sign a contract--it depends on the hotel. 
    They will give you a date and your guests must reserve their hotel room by this date.  If they don't reserve before May 1st, for example, then they won't receive the discount and there is no guarantee there will be a room available for that person.  Hotel sell out quickly, especially in the summer.  Mystic is a big tourist area.  So I would get my room block soon and make sure the guests book their rooms before the cut off date.  Good luck!
  • When you call, make sure to ask if there is an extra charge for welcome basket delivery for your out of town guests.  Some brides like to put together a welcome basket for each room of out of town guests that are attending their wedding.  Some hotels charge a fee to deliver these baskets.  Some hotels don't mind delivering to each room, and some hotels will agree to pass the welcome baskets out to your guests when they check in to the hotel (at no charge). 
  • We have a block of rooms at the Mystic Marriott (which is located in Groton) for our May 2014 wedding in Mystic.  If you need a lot of rooms, like more than 20, I think it is your best bet.  We ended up booking 60 rooms and the other hotels I got in contact with aren't big enough to give you that many rooms and required that people stay a minimum of 2 nights.  My advice would be to book as soon as possible.  We booked ours 11 months in advance.  It's not easy since you are trying to estimate how many rooms without going over (Mystic Marriott requires you guarantee 70% of rooms you reserve) so I did spend time adding up all the numbers.  We did get a deal, but the Mystic Marriott is expensive so it's still a bit costly.  Depending on when you are getting married, it may be cheaper since our wedding is technically in season, even though it's not summer.  If you do need a lot of rooms, your other option is to reserve rooms at different hotels, but we wanted all of our guests at one hotel, which also makes shuttle service easier. 
  • I work at that hotel in the spa, good to know thanks
  • My date is Aug 30 2014, because it's a holiday weekend and in Groton/Mystic area I'm taking no chances. The hotels in that area book up fast! Also, don't be afraid to tell them you got a better rate at another hotel, this really worked for us. We also looked at their amenities: did they offer brunch the next morning, transportation to the casino, shuttle service to venue, pool, free breakfast, after party spot etc.

    Good luck! 
  • It all depends on the area and the availability of hotels. There is only one Comfort Inn within proximity to our venue and a few others. I called 18 months before the wedding and blocked rooms. The woman I spoke with said that it wasn't too early  because they book up fast !

  • did they require you to put any money down on the rooms. when my brother got married back in november at the riverview in simsbury he had a block at the avon old farms  and he didnt have to put any money down.
  • No I did not have to put any money down and they giving our guests a special rate
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