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Hi All,

I am starting to generate some ideas for items to put into my welcome baskets. Admittedly, I will only be giving these to my bridesmaids as one is travelling from California, one from Alberta, one from a couple of hours away (she will be staying in a hotel room the night before the wedding so she needs one too!), but all the other guests are local. Since these ladies are important to me, and I will only need to make three baskets, I do not mind personalizing them a bit. So far I want to include:

  1. a thank you note
  2. snacks (e.g., cookies, nuts, chips, etc.)
  3. drinks (e.g., coffee, wine, pop, etc.)
  4. something spa like (e.g., nail polish, eye mask, lotion, etc.)
  5. wedding day itinerary
  6. A list of things to do/places to eat
  7. TTC info
  8. Toronto souvenir

My main concern is, I'm struggling to come up ideas for the Toronto souvenir. I had thought of maple syrup or maple fudge, but they seem more Canadiana than Toronto based to me. I would also like to avoid postcards, but I'm drawing a blank as to what could be included that is specific to Toronto. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks :)


Re: Toronto item for welcome basket

  • Well you could buy a Toronto shot glass...or a little teddy bear with a Toronto t-shirt on. Or a deck of Toronto playing cards, or a magnet, or a mug. 

    Of course nothing has to say Toronto on it- you could just include a specialty Toronto item such as a treat from SOMA chocolatemaker or Dufflet Pastries.
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
  • Thanks @yellowdaisies84! I really like the chocolate idea :)
  • I saw cute Toronto mugs at Starbucks last week. 
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
  • It depends how kitchy vs. useful you want... keychain, magnet, travel mug, mini CN tower, Maple Leafs or Blue Jays paraphernalia.
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