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10 year vow renewal trying to decide?

Heyyy Knotties,

So I and my DH is coming up on a 10 year anniversary.

Background info we married November 17,2004 it was a city hall wedding with only my mother our newborn daughter and my SIL. We been together since 04/15/1999. First Love and still in Love.

Fast forward it's 2013 and I'm having a hard time deciding if I will like to do an intimate vow renewal just us two and maybe a few friends in Aruba. Or if I will like to do a backyard small vow renewal with family and friends between 35-50 guest.

Would love some ideas and inputs votes. Help I'm in planning mode now but need to decide which choice I'm going to make.

Re: 10 year vow renewal trying to decide?

  • Personally, I prefer celebrating with more people versus a beautiful location. It's really just what's important to you. I think a backyard vow renewal could be lovely. If you do this, it will be more complicated in terms of needing to host more people, providing an alternative in case of inclement weather, etc. But for what it would cost to go to Aruba, I don't think the cost would be too different.

  • It really comes down to your priorities and if you would prefer the vacation versus the local celebration.  The same with size.  Nothing says you can't have a DVR in Aruba and invite all of the same people you would have back home.  

    Some DWs have more declines, but there have been some knotties who have reported 100% attendance even on DWs.

    Will your daughter be travelling with you to Aruba?  Some of the resorts and rentals I've looked at in the past have minimum age requirements for guests.  Just something to consider!
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