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Hi all,


I am looking to get some ideas on different wedding venues. I have a place in mind that I love but want to check out other options as well that may be less expensive. I will be having around 150-200 people and am looking to spend less than $90 pp. Really anywhere in the state of CT because our families are scattered all over the state. Any input is greatly appreciated. :-)

Re: Wedding Venues

  • testas in southington they have a package deal dj cake and flowers included in your reception. did that and with the package we picked we are paying 75 pp with tax and tip included 
  • We had our wedding at Oronoque Country Club in Stratford and they have packages that start around $70pp. 
  • If you want the whole DIY blank canvas venue.. Washington Club Hall was GREAT!  It is amazing value and Ginni, who runs the show, is a star. 
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