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Outdoor Wedding Invite Insert

I'm planning on having my wedding outdoors, at sunset, at the beginning of November.

I'm going to include an insert of the map of the venue where we're getting married (there are 4 or 5 different places at the same venue where someone could get married), that way people won't get lost and be wondering around (hopefully :) )

I'm trying to figure out the wording to go on the insert... Right now, I have something like this: Ceremony will be held outside on the ___. (weather permitting).

But I'm not liking how it sounds...

And ideas??

Re: Outdoor Wedding Invite Insert

  • I wouldn't want to jinx it by putting it in writing!  Maybe just say "Ceremony will be held ...."  If the weather doesn't permit, and depending on the size of your wedding, you can spread the news by word of mouth.
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  • We're also rolling the weather dice with an early November, outside ceremony.   Our  information card just tells guests to go to the location at the venue where we hope it will be held.  If the weather is too cool we'll move it to a different location where we can seat everyone around a fire pit.  If it's outright cold we'll do it in our reception space.   We'll update our website as we know the weather forecast going into that day and we'll just have someone greet guests and direct them to where we'll be holding things the day off.  We may also use signs.
  • @WonderRed - I was planning on doing signs as well... but hadn't decided on what I was going to use... Do you know what type of signs you will be using??
  • Not a clue yet.  I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something we'll only throw away, but I want something nice.   Maybe chalkboard easels?  At least my son could use those for fun afterwards.
  • I got cheap frames at a flea market and made some signs for our wedding that turned out pretty cute.


    As for the insert, I wouldn't put "weather permitting". Just make sure you have everyone's contact information in case you need to move.

    You may want to specify what location within the venue the ceremony will be held and the type of terrain (grass v. pavers?), but that info lends itself more to a website.

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