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class act by bob norris dj questions

has anyone used or been to a wedding where class act by bob norris was the dj?

Re: class act by bob norris dj questions

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    Bob and I have been emailing back and forth for a week now. I personally don't like him. He comes off as a "used car salesman" to me. He put me off from the first quote. I was very detailed in my email and told him exactly what I needed. (needed 6 hours, ceremony music, uplighting...) he emails me a quote but it didn't say anything about the ceremony and told me uplighting was extra, but didn't tell me how much extra. So I replied asking if that quote included the ceremony. He said "no that's an extra $100". (grrrr) then he emailed me back again saying he likes working with my venue sooo much that he'd take $50 off the ceremony price. (hello used car salesman). Then I asked again, for the 3rd time, about the uplighting, he just then told me he doesn't offer uplighting at this time! After about 10 emails to this guy I've come to the conclusion that #1 he obviously doesn't listen very well. Hence why he didn't give me the complete quote I asked for the first time! #2 He doesn't seem very honest. Hence he said he did have uplighting at an additional charge then later told me he dent even ofer it! Sorry if this seems like more of a rant than an answer. (which it mostly is lol) I just wanted to kinda warn you about my experiences with Bob. I'm sure for as many girls as he rubbed the wrong way there is just as many who loved him. Hope this helps you at least a little...
  • shelly&joshshelly&josh member
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    We've booked him for our March wedding. I agree with OctoberWedding, if you talk to him in emails it seems as though his attention span is pretty short.  When we met with him he was really nice though, very personable, I can see how he would make a great DJ. My venue recommended him as their favorite DJ, so hopefully it all works out. He's doing our ceremony, but its included in the price, due to it being an inside wedding (you never know with March). If for some insane reason its beautiful in the begining of March and we choose to have it outside, we will have to pay extra to our venue and the DJ. Almost all DJs charge extra if the ceremony is at a different location that the reception, because they have to move all of the equipment.

  • MerinMerin member
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    We used Class Act for our wedding, as have several of our friends, and we've all been thrilled!    I never dealt with Bob via e-mail all that much, so I can't vouch for that, but I always had pleasant interactions with him, and the service we received was really awesome!

    He (and his other DJs, especially Craig!!) are friendly, professional, and very good at what they do.  We had Craig and he was very attentive - always making sure we had full drinks and everything we needed, plus always checking in with us as the 'big events' of the night were coming up.   He also stuck to our must play and do not play lists perfectly and had everyone from our 2yo niece to our 80yo grandparents dancing.

    Highly recommended! :)
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    Like you I got a few confusing e-mails from Bob, but when we met up with him at the Pinnicle Bridal Show he was very professional.  I know that he had been extremely sick before that show, so maybe that had something to do with it?  We also booked him, our venue said he does awesome work!

  • Sadly, we did not have Bob Norris to DJ our wedding. Instead, we had Chris and had a horrible experience! I left detailed notes, which never got reviewed and in turn, several things happened. The father/daughter dance was incorrect and my husband corrected him half-way through, guest requests were rejected, our song listing was not played (maybe 2 of the songs we asked for), attire was incorrect, d.j. did not interact, etc. Bob said "sometimes d.j.s have off nights" and will NOT refund any money. He offered a free d.j. service for a future party but I don't plan on getting married more than once. Absolutely disgusted with their unprofessional approach to resolving this.
  • I attended a wedding they did several years ago (I don't know the name of the DJ himself) but they FORGOT TO RELEASE the head table for dinner (it was a buffet), they didn't announce the first dance (did it, but most people missed it because it wasn't announced).

    I grew up in the wedding industry around here (my dad owns Sihasi Sounds and Images) so perhaps I was more critical?

    Either way, I was SO not impressed by them and am never going to recommend them to anyone...
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