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Mandalay Bay and their dumb outside floral policy!

So, I completed my final worksheets recently and sent them off to the wedding planner I have at Mandalay Bay. On the floral section, I left blank and did not fill out as we have booked The Palette for our flowers. I know the policy states that there are no outside fresh flowers permitted at The Wedding Chapel. As with a lot of other things, I thought this was one of those things that you don't tell your wedding coordinator but quite often people do anyway. Well, I received an email this morning at work and she was questioning me on what we are doing for the flowers and reminded me of the policy and told me there would be a hefty outside vendor fee if I brought in my own. Ahh!!!!


I called her and played dumb and said that my bridesmaid was going to make all of the flower bouquets as a gift to us and didn't think it would be a big deal. Also, lied and said I thought the policy applied only to the chapel and maybe not Valley of the Falls. Anyway, she said I will have a $250 outside vendor charge if I do that.

Damn it, now it looks like I have to cancel The Palette and go with the Mandalay Bay florist. Their flowers suck in comparison!

Anyone have any photos to share of bouquets made by Mandalay Bay. I am talking about the standard ones included with package, medium size. And I need 5 petite bridesmaid bouquets as well. Not those fancy ones that come with an extra $150-200 up charge.


Thanks for listening.

Canadian Bride getting married at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on October 19th, 2013

Re: Mandalay Bay and their dumb outside floral policy!

  • If flowers are a big deal to you the vendor fee may be worth it! I don't have any experience with MB flowers but if your worried about them not being good enough and probably more expensive might be worth it! just my 2 cents 
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  • Thanks pinkdays, yes they are important but I only really want something mid-size and just simple ivory rose mix. I don't really think I want to fork out the extra $250 to bring in nicer flowers that I will only have for a few days. I think I am getting some clarity here actually....

    Canadian Bride getting married at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on October 19th, 2013
  • If you wanted something complex or using unique flowers, it would be worth the fee. If you're thinking about ivory roses? Every florist in town should be able to meet that request.
  • My experience with mandalay floral was absolutely horrible.  I went back and forth with them for six weeks just trying to get them to give me a price and example on what I gave them my vision of and it simply never came.  Fortunately we weren't using the chapel so it didn't matter and I went with Pam but it convinced me their floral staff are incompetent.

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  • In the same dilemma albeit not with flowers. I'm looking into having the ceremony possibly at the Signature Patio - only thing I don't like is that we have to use their photography/videography. We're already hiring an outside photographer and videographer to record the pre-ceremony and reception. Hopefully they have an outside vendor fee!

  • I am getting married August of next year at Mandalay Bay and I did not see anything on the website that I liked so I asked my wedding planner and she told me to send her a picture of what I wanted and that she would send it to the florist. They came back to me with a quote on pricing two weeks later. There is an upgraded price, but I don't mind paying the difference because my flowers were important to me.
  • I didn't get married at Mandalay Bay but at Flamingo but I paid the outside vendor fee ($150) for my flowers because they were vey important for me.  I had an uncle do my flowers for me so he got them wholesale and I saved money overall.  
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  • Does Mandalay require you to use their vendors (flowers, photography) for reception as well? I was thinking of doing the reception at Border Grill.
  • Mandalay Bay have been really helpful regarding the flowers and were really quick getting prices back to me, I was very specific and paid extra for them to make my bouquets exactly how I want them in the images that I sent. Fingers crossed they turn out as nice as I am imagining!
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