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November 2013 Weddings

There was gift at my door when I got home!

I'm so excited because it's our first wedding present!  Of course it's the one day where FI has to work late and so it's just sitting there all boxed up waiting for me to open it.  AGH!  :)

Re: There was gift at my door when I got home!

  • I got one today, too! Also sitting there all boxed up 'til FI gets home so we can open it together. So fun! 
  • Yay! Have fun :) We have received 3 gifts so far and I did the same thing, waited for FI to get home.
  • Funny we got something today too about an hour after I posted. FI was all excited since he answered the door for Fedex.
  • We received our first gift about a couple weeks ago and luckily FI was there with me because I probably would have opened it w/o him due to my excitement lol.

  • I remember when got our first shower gift in the mail... I was working and my fiancé was working from home. I told him to wait til I got home. My fiancé doesn't have much patience. I came home to the box retaped bc my fiancé couldn't wait to open it ;) he probably would be so embarrassed me telling this story. His little quirks are adorable though.
    It's so exciting to get gifts in the mail!
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  • We agreed before we got any presents that we'd open them together. 

    Two have come so far!
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