Lighthouse Point Park: Heating & Cooling/Bathrooms?

Calling all Lighthouse Point Park brides!

I am in LOVE with LPP, but am very worried about the following:

1. heating and cooling in the building. how are/did you guys deal with the possibility of unfavorable temperatures?
2. did anyone rent restrooms? Or just spruce up the existing bathrooms?


Re: Lighthouse Point Park: Heating & Cooling/Bathrooms?

  • There is no a/c but the big windows allow a breeze. I don't know about heat since I was there in the summer. It is beautiful but be ware your caterers are VERY limited on what they can do. There is no stove so everything must be prepped, heated and then reheated at LPP. So it may limit your hot food choices. If you have a caterer that can handle all of that- you are all set!  
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