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My family and I started a new tradition last year, since the youngest in the family is 22, and there are no great-grandkids yet. Instead of doing traditional Christmas at someone's house, we have a night on the town (I should mention we all live within 2 hours of DFW). Last year we did Reata in a private room, and then went next door to Four Day Weekend Improv.
This year, we want to do a different restaurant, but still do FDW. Are there any other restaurants downtown with private rooms? We are 13 adults total. Reata setup was absolutely perfect (they have about 5 private rooms, and it's great). 
Price isn't really an object, it's so much more important that they can shut our ridiculous loudness away from all other patrons. :)

Re: Downtown Fort Worth Restaurants

  • I'm not much help but wanted to say that we've started doing this too sort of.  We take my dad out for a nice dinner on Christmas eve (his birthday), and then to my aunt's (his sister) for dessert and gifts.  I would much rather do this than cook the meal myself!

    I made reservations for my boss here a couple of weeks ago.


  • We had so much fun last year, since the littlest was finally 21! Once babies arrive, we'll go back to a house, but this is so great for now. 
    Thanks for the link!
  • I know that Grace in Fort Worth has some really nice private rooms. I'm sure they also cost a pretty penny though. There's also a nice Italian place called Patrizio's that does private dining. I just looked it up and the Fort Worth location is now closed, but it looks like they have private dining at the Plano and Southlake locations. Blue Mesa does private dining as well.

    P.S. I'm baaaaack!

  • Ruth's Chris has wonderful private rooms and we love it there. Also nice that it's inside the Hilton if you want to stay there. We always stay on the executive floor.
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