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October 2013 Weddings

Missing Wedding Dress

Wedding is Oct. 6. Dress still has not arrived. The shop has received confirmation AGAIN that the dress will be in on the 13th they are giving me free alterations. I am trying my best not to panic- but I dont have a PLAN B. Worst case scenario the shop will offer me a dress from there store, I had a hard time picking MY dress because there are not too many wedding dresses that I do like. So October Brides I want to know  WWYD?

Re: Missing Wedding Dress

  • panic. (sorry, that's not much help, but it's true!)

    I would also go to the store and pick out a dress ASAP as a plan B.
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  • Ditto PP. That really sucks OP. I hope it gets here this week. Please keep us updated.


  • I have no advice other than to just continue contact with the store where it was ordered. You might want to start looking at other dresses they carry. Ugh, that sucks.
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