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Reception Entrance Music

What is your bridal party walking out to?

What are you and your groom walking out to?

-Leaning towards something more current, but always open to a classic.

(no country :) )


Re: Reception Entrance Music

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    We wanted something instrumental (so that the announcements could be heard clearly over the music).  We used "Brazil" by Deadmau5 for everyone (both sets of parents, then 3 pairs in our bridal party, then us).  It started around 1:30ish, and our DJ timed it so that he announced us at the break around 2:45.  It worked out perfectly =)

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  • Bridal Party (girls): are walking out to Beyonce's "Girls Run The World"
    Guys are walking out to Justin Timberlake's  "Suit & Tie"

    My groom and I are entering to "Yeah 3x" from Chris Brown (and while I do not like him personally, its a good song to get the crowd on their feet and will be fun to enter to).


  • I'm having a hard time deciding on these too! I'm (pretty sure) having a band and they play mostly rock. I'm considering having the bridal party come out to The Darkness- " I believe in a thing called love" but i'm not set on anything yet. Good luck!!

  • My bridal party is walking out Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, our parents are walking out to Ain't that a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin, and my fiance and I are walking out Heaven Tonight by Yngwie Malmsteen. We're not very traditional and wanted to have a good mix of music for everyone to enjoy. Keep in mind the songs don't play for very long and someone will be talking over it, so you want something that's easily recognizable and/or has a fun beat. 
  • We (bridal party and FI and I) will enter the reception to Beautiful Day by U2.
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  • Most likely Shakira's Bamboo song or Waving Flag by Troubadour..
  • My bridal party are each walking out to their favourite songs so there are snipits of 3 different songs being played. As my FI and I are huge Manchester United supporters and that's basically how we met we're coming out to "glory glory man united" which is a soccer chant/song.... it's more personal to us so we're going for it!
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  • no clue yet

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    Since my wedding is culturally mixed, I am having the bridal party walk down to a traditional Japanese song called Sakura Sakura. The version I found is more modern since it uses a violin instead of the traditional koto, but it still gives you the feeling of being in Japan!
  • I know you said no country, but the bridal party and my fiance and I are entering the reception to the remix of Cruise with Florida Georgia Line and Nelly. (:
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