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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Kitty Hawk Pier Questions

Hi all,
My fiance and I are from Staten Island, NY and we want to have a destination wedding. We have family scattered all along the east coast and the Outer Banks seemed like a perfect halfway point for all of our family to get to, and decide if they want to fly or drive. I really love the pictures I've seen of the Kitty Hawk Pier, and because we're having a "destination" wedding, we can get away with keeping the guest list to under 100, with probably half that or 3/4 able to actually come. I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions on planning there, things to ask about, things to stay away from, etc. Also, if anyone knows what the site rental fee or does it depend upon each individual event?
Any info, advice, suggestions on the area would be much appreciated to an out of towner!!!

Re: Kitty Hawk Pier Questions

  • We are thinking of a wedding at the pier also. We also have family in 2 locations so I figured this way everyone has to travel and also keep a low guest list, guess we think alike! We have a meeting in 2 weeks to get all the details so I can tell you more then. They are super fast at responding to emails and will send a basic price list and information packet. The prices vary from 3000-4250 depending on a wedding during the week or weekend. They do have a food minimum you have to spend. FYI I think they book up pretty fast, they have no Saturdays available next May, but we were already planning on doing a mid-week wedding. I'd attach a copy of the packet but I don't know how to on here, if you want I can email it to you. Happy Planning!
  • We are getting married there next July. Really excited! We are heading down to Kitty Hawk next Sunday and will do our tasting that week. I tried to upload the packet on here but it said it was not allowed - so I can mail it to you or you can get it from Sauerwalde.

    My family is a bit scattered, but a good chunk of us will be coming from North Jersey. The Pier House truly is beautiful. Sauerwalde covered a good amount of info. The first vendors I booked were my Officiant, DJ, and Photographer. I also thought going to the Outer Banks Wedding Association Expo in January was really helpful. Hmmm...I can't think of anything else right now since it's 3:00am. But if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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    I am getting married there 2 months from today, September 21, 2013!  I am so exciited!  The venue rental fee is a bit steep, however once I went to visit I absolutely fell in love!  It's just beautiful and to be out on the water is exactly what my fiance and I were looking for in our wedding venue.  If you have any questions feel free to ask me.  I will also post on here after the wedding to let you know how everything goes.  Good luck with your planning and congrats on the engagement!
  • So I was a stalker on Friday night and went to the pier since I heard there was a wedding there. It was BEAUTIFUL! I loved loved loved it and I'm really excited for our wedding next summer.

    One of the things I was concerned about was people walking out on the pier and looking in at the wedding - but honestly - my group was the only one that did that (we weren't too obtrusive hopefully - and I swear, it was only for a couple of minutes!) - everyone else just walked right on by with their fishing gear.

    Also - the food tasting we had went really well. I wasn't expecting that, as I heard the food was just "okay". There were definitely some things we didn't love, but overall, it was really good! One of the people I had with me is my mom's best friend who is a party planner. Her help was invaluable - she was suggesting things that I didn't even think I could change - such as the presentation of the food and HOW it's cooked. I guess I just underestimated how helpful someone who is "in the know" could be.

    I'm feeling really good about the pier right now!
  • Yay!  That's awesome!  What food did you try?  and which did you decide to go with for your wedding?

    Only 43 days till me wedding at the pier and I am sooo excited!!

  • So for dinner - we are going with:

    -Chicken Bruschetta (didn't know this was an option as I didn't see it listed - but it's exactly how it sounds, chicken with bruschetta toppings)
    -Filet mignon
    -Mahi Mahi with mango salsa (but we are having it blackened instead of grilled to give it more flavor)

    sides to our dishes are tricolored potatoes (ommmg they were delish) and asparagus - but cooked al dente

    apps - we havent narrowed this down yet but here's what we really liked (there were a few we didn't)

    pigs in a blanket - FI asked them to do this since it's his fave so they agreed
    rockfish - this was prob one of my faves
    chicken teriyaki - also really good
    spanikopita - very good
    crab cakes - not a fave, but def good
    scallop wrapped in bacon - I didn't like it but everyone else did lol

    @abardo - please post recap pics so we can see!

  • the basic rental is $4250 for the room for 4 hours. they often throw in an extra hour for free. (250 per hour extra)- includes stock center pieces and white linens. you have to guarantee $4250 in food and bevs. you cannot bring in outside booze if you do buffet and have photo booth, expect 9 tables... if no photo booth but buffet, you have 10 tables. call and talk to melinda, she's my coordinator for my 10/11/13 wedding. just know that saturdays book out over a year in advance. I could not get a saturday at the HGI  booking almost 13.5 months out  in october.  If you get married in the summer, expect room rates for guests to be in 350s... my rooms for guests is 149 or 179 in mid-october.  It's the most gourgeous place. and for 50 extra bux they will set up the chairs on the beach when you rent from metor or the other rental place. (I went with metro).
  • For clarification @misande1, it is $4250 as a rental fee, and $4250 guaranteed in food?
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  • Yes - if you are getting married Fri/Sat/Sun nights that is the rate plus food/beverage minium.  I'm having 90 people, and with beer/wine bar for 4 hours and the basic buffett at 25.99 pp... (kids under 12 are 1/2 price, an if they want mac and cheese it's 7.99) it will throw us over this. Keep in mind they charge grat and tax on top of this.  if you email me miranda.sanderson at gmail.com I will send you the information pack I have.
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