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Music for park wedding?

Hello all, I am having my wedding ceremony in a park next month, and we have everything figured out except music. Since there are no power sources in the park, we can't plug anything in to play music. Does anyone have any suggestions for how we could still have some music play as I walk down the aisle? We do have some friends who play instruments, but our wedding is going to be really really small. Our guest list is 40, and only 4 of those people aren't related to us in some way, and I know we can't ask someone to play music for us and then not invite them to the reception. I'm thinking maybe something battery operated? Any ideas?

Re: Music for park wedding?

  • I'm thinking about just getting some USB powered computer speakers and just playing the music from my laptop.
  • That would work. We used a boom box with additional speakers.
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    Something like a Dewalt battery charger stereo could work, too.
  • We are going to pick up a battery operated portable bluetooth speaker.  It's been on our to-buy list for the house anyways so the ceremony was just as good of an excuse as any.
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  • @doeydo, I've never heard of that, I'll have to look into it! @flutterbride2b, I've been thinking of getting one of those myself, don't know why I didn't think of that! The perfect excuse to buy one, hah!
  • I would rent a sound system (including a mic so people can hear the ceremony and your vows) and connect it to an ipod. You can rent/borrow a generator to power it - they're loud but if you run a long enough extension cord, it'll be white noise. Or run a few speakers from a battery.

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