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Do any of you girls have experience with Oasis Spa - we are considering doing our nails there. They seem the most accomodating. I have 6 girls I need done by 1200... artiistic elegance said they could have us done by 2pm?? say what???!!!   hairotics said they can have us done by 1230..  but I just don't want to waste my whole reheresal day at the spa and we'd like to be done together-ish.


What say ye?

Re: Oasis Spa

  • Are you just looking to get your nails done? What time are you starting? There were 5 of us, and it took about an hour and a half, I had acrylics done and everyone else had mani/pedi. I normally estimate about an hour and 15 when I get mani/pedi in general. I had my nails done at Klassy Nails.
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  • Manis and Pedis for most of us I'm not sure if I want Pink and Whites or just do shellac...  I've read mixed reviews of Klassy Nails. These last 30 days are stressful!:)
  • I didn't have the best experience with Klassy, but they were very quick with getting us done.
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