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Sandals Butler Service or Club Sandals Service?

Hi All -

DH and I am looking for a romantic getaway.  We got info about a resort that is opening in the fall.  The rooms include Sandals Butler Service and/or the Club Sandals services (I think it was previously called concierge service).  Has anyone used either of these services?  Did you think it was worth it?  What did you really get from club sandals? Was it "intrusive" to have the butler service? Would you do one, the other, or both? It seems like there is some overlap between them.

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Re: Sandals Butler Service or Club Sandals Service?

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    What resort is opening in the fall?  Grenada opens Dec.12th 2013 (unless you mean that as fall,which technically it is, I consider it winter though :) . That being said, we have  been to the Grande in St. Lucia 2x, Sandals Negril in Jamaica 1x, Antigua 1x and are headed to Whitehouse in Jamaica early next year. We always get club level. 

    As for is it worth it club level and/or butler? 

    That's very subjective. To us, yes, it is worth it. Not so much for the actual service of a concierge but for the location of the rooms.  Generally the higher level you go the better the room locations will be. Also, the club level rooms (butler too) have alcohol (mini bar) in the room where as the standard rooms do not.  For us, this is a perk. Not that we drink a lot in our room but it is nice to be able to come up from the beach and fix something in our room and chill for a bit before getting ready for dinner, Also, later at night if we just want to sit on our balcony and relax it's nice to have the mini bar for a few glasses of wine or whatever.  

    Club Sandals(Concierge)? 

    In our experience, you get exactly what their website says.  At all of the Sandals we have been to this service has never differed.

    Butler?  No, personally, we would not go butler level.  Honestly, we just couldn't do it...we just aren't the type of people that could have nor expect someone to be at our beck and call 24/7. I know others on here have done Butler level and loved it. Again, I'd say it subjective and comes down to personal preference .

    I have reviews and a ton of pics from our trips to Sandals in the link above my siggy pic if you would like to check it out. HTH 

    Also, check out TripAdvisor for reviews...be careful and take with a grain of salt though as anyone (meaning employees from competing resorts) can post reviews and...well....some people will complain about anything :)

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    We had butler service on our Honeymoon - it was nice to have and we did it because the resort we stayed at had butler service with all of their ocean view rooms, but I don't think we would pay for it separately if it didn't already come with the room.

    The perks for it were that we had a cell phone we could use to contact our butler if we had a question, wanted to change our dinner reservation, etc. He handled making those reservations for us, which was nice. We never had issues getting into the restaurants that we wanted, whereas I know other guests sometimes had to make reservations for the next night instead of that night at the more popular places. He also would bring our breakfast to our room if we wanted it (though there was a limited menu for that, so we only did it twice). On our last night, he decorated the room with flower petals and candles in celebration of it being our honeymoon - a little awkward, but a nice, romantic touch.
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    We stayed at Sandals Montego Bay with Concierge service (now club sandals service?), not Butler, and it was perfect.

    The biggest difference was the room was better- it was a little out of the hustle and bustle and had a great view of the ocean from the balcony, but I liked the following perks as well:

    VIP check-in/reservations: standard room guests had to get their bags from the shuttle and wait in line like any hotel, the couples in concierge or butler someone grabbed our bags and led us to a small building where we were greeted with sparkling wine and sat on a couch while someone checked us in.  We were on a red-eye to get there and beat when we arrived which is why this made such an impression.  They also made our dinner reservations there instead of the usual reservation desk which helped with restaurants that fill up.

    Drinks in the room, as PP mentioned: Even though it's all inclusive, it's nice to be able to make a drink getting ready for dinner, or for watching the sunset on your balcony in private without running to the bar.

    I don't think the butler service would be worth it, but we have friends that did it and loved it.
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    We had butler service. Sandals Royal Bahamian in May. It was nice for all our reservations to be made ahead of time. We saw other couples trying to get in for dinner as late as 9pm when we were going to get drinks, because they had to wait that long for a table in some places. Our butler always reserved our cabanas. They took care of everything we asked for. I love it.

    P.S we arrived at the resort at 9am. When check in wasn't until 3pm. Our butler took care of us the minute we arrived on property. Walked us to a place for breakfast. Helped us get our luggage and took us to a private bathroom area to change into swimwear. We were poolside by 10:30am. Our room was ready by 1:30.
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