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September 27, 2014

So we are planning our wedding for next year but we arent engaged yet. My other half has already asked me to start purchasing items so we aren't spending a ton of money at once. We have already ordered sample invites and they should be here anyday now. Hes all for planning it and the date but im just waiting on a ring. Its okay to plan if we are both all for it and on the same page right?

Re: September 27, 2014

  • If you both agree I think it's ok, but why just not be engaged then? 
    Bre Wrties
  • I agree with bre87.  If you both agree then I don't see why not but you should go ahead and be engaged.  I guess for me it would just be a comfort thing because I would know 100% that is your intention. 

    We are doing the same thing, purchasing things little bits at a time such as favors and trying to get everything together. 
  • Fallon, we are doing the same thing! We have already decided on our rings, he has already expressed his intentions to both his family and mine. Sometimes he slips up and introduces me as his fiance and all other times I am his future wife. At this point, we are aggressively making a lot of changes right now. I have relocated out of state, he is trying to find a job here. We are looking to pay for as much of the wedding we can in cash along with a down payment on a house by Sept 2014. His portion of the budget has him scheduled to get the ring by Christmas. To not put a hold on the wedding plans, why not go ahead and put some things into action. If you know AND he has fully expressed his intention (that being, him bringing the wedding plans up in convo and actively participating) to marry you with a date set, why not? However, if you have any doubt, that he is blowing smoke, you may need to get further clarification from him and have a true upfront and real conversation just to make sure you are both on the same page.  
  • You don't need a ring to be "engaged"! Basically, being engaged is an agreement to marry each other. It sounds like you're both on the same page in that aspect. I think it's just fine to go ahead and start planning so that you can spread out the expense over the long-term if that works best for you. However, I second Jolawrence4 when she states that if you have any doubt at all that he may not be 100% serious, you might want to have a talk to discuss it further. Good luck and happy planning!
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