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October 2013 Weddings

photo ops

what are some "photo ops" that you girls are doing?

I am putting together a list for our photographer but i'd like to hear some ideas!
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Re: photo ops

  • Like, "must take" pictures?

    I want one of my dad when he sees me for the first time that morning. I'd love one of Mom too, but she'll be with me all morning. :)
  • I asked my photog about this and he said he was open to anything I wanted, but stressed that sometimes if you have too many photos you "must have" you lose the chance of catching some unique and amazing shots that just happen naturally.

    That being said, I definitely want one with my mom seeing me for the first time, dad seeing me for the first time, etc.
  • I'm not sure I have any. I would like some nice, formal shots of us as a couple (both smiling and not smiling) that are your standard, framable photographs. Our photographer takes gorgeous shots in his own style, which I also want, but I want some of the very "standard" more "posed" shots as well.

    Beyond that - not sure I care. I know I want photos of me with certain family members, but I know that will happen.
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  • I've only got a few "must do" shots.

    One of the primo ones I want is one of FI and I walking down the aisle of the vineyard to get a shot of us from the back with my gown unbustled.

    Because, the back of my gown is where the party is happening at.  Seriously.

    Various mixes of friends and family.

    I really do think I want a "First Look" with my dad and my son for a picture since we've keep the gown hidden from both of them.  My son won't give a shit ("Teenagers!  You give them an inch, they swim all over you."), but my dad probably will. 

    Really, other than that, FI wants some shots with us and his Harley, which I said was okay with me. 

    Beyond that, my photographer can do whatever she wants.  I'm more interested in the posed photos as I'm sure everyone will be snapping candids all afternoon.
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