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Food and Cakes

cake prices?

I'm trying to work out my wedding budget, and I have no idea what would be a reasonable price for cake.  Anyone have any insight?  We're inviting ~280 guests, and are in San Antonio, TX.  I want something fairly simple, maybe similar to this:image

Re: cake prices?

  • Depends on the bakery. To be honest and the quality. If you want a Grocery Store Cake or a Fancy Bakery Cake. Our bakery had servings from $2-$5 each. So yeah $1000 cake isn't that crazy.

  • Here in Md our cake to serve 120 people was $516
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  • Our cake to serve 110 people was $517 in VA. It was neither super simple nor really complicated - kind of in the middle. And delicious :-)

    Cake prices will vary state to state, city to city, and bakery to bakery. It can also vary considerably depending on if you want to have a more basic flavor (white cake with chocolate ganache) or something more complex (multiple cake flavors, ganaches, coolies, etc.).
  • In PA- 200 for $448, which is actually a steal! Cake with that many people I would expect 1,000-1,500 especially because of the location.

    cake prices vary by decorations, filling, sizes, and icing. As you can tell, it also varies based on location.
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  • My cake serves 250 and is $800.
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  • Our place charges $2-$2.5 per person, plus the $25 delivery fee.
  • Im getting a basic 6in cake for us to cut and its $30. I imagine it would be $100+ for 3tiers+
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  • Our original cake for 100 with 3 tiers and decoration was about $600 (I haven't gotten the revised cost since our number is now under 80).  That's also because it's DC and things are a little more expensive around here.
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  • If you are really in a budget bind, I would suggest asking bakers about faux cakes. We are having a three tier cake with a real top tier and the bottom two tiers made of styro and decorated the same as the rest. The bakery is making several sheet cakes to serve to all the guests. In most venues, the cake is cut behind the scenes, so your guests will never know the difference. It made our $1150 cake (that's almost the exact quote from five different bakers) about $475.
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