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Stuck on Spotlight Dances :/

Hey ladies,

I'm hoping some of you will have some ideas for this unusual situation! Long story short, my father and I have had a strained relationship recently, and due to health reasons he will not be coming to the wedding. So, no father/daughter dance at the reception.

However, my FI's mom really wants to do a mother/son dance, which I completely support! My question is this. After the mother/son dance, we also plan on doing a FIL/DIL and MIL/SIL dance, with FI and my mom/me and FI's dad dancing together at the same time, as a "welcome to the family" type of dance. Does anyone have any song ideas? So far my only suggestion to FI was that ukulele version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," which he shot down as too sad :( lol.
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Re: Stuck on Spotlight Dances :/

  • FLDiverFLDiver member
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    Actually, if that's the IZ version of Somewhere over the Rainbow, that's close to my Step-Father-Daughter dance.  However, since his version of Somewhere over the Rainbow is definitely a bit subdued, I've gone with What a Wonderful World, which is much more upbeat:


    From your phrasing, I can't quite figure who is dancing with who in that particular time, so it may not be quite right.

  • Oops, I see what you mean about the phrasing! To clarify, it would be me and my father in law dancing together, and my fiancée and my mom dancing together all at once. And I will def. have to check out that link!
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