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Crunch Time?

Hello everyone!  It's been a while - sorry I've been MIA.  I started up my job again after my travels this summer, and being on the internet 8 hours a day makes me not want to do anything on the computer anymore. 
But how is everything going for everyone this September?  Any students back to school?  Any people just graduated (like me) who feel really weird not being in school right now?  And what about wedding stuff?  I can't believe it is less than five months - it is insane.  I came back to the country and I was just slammed with stuff that I need to get done, and that apparently should have been done ages ago.  And my FMIL is really pressuring me to register, but I don't have time and I think she is just freaking out over nothing, so I'll just do it when I have half a moment.  I am looking forward to when the shower she is throwing me is over - I'm sure it will be lovely but she goes overboard and even though I'm not in any way involved with planning, I sense she will still find a way to stress me out about it.  If it would have been less drama to politely decline, I think I would have . . .
Anything else new and exciting with anyone?  First fittings?  Wedding ring shopping?

Re: Crunch Time?

  • Welcome back!
    I have my dress, venue booked, photographer (almost) picked and had a hair trial last week.
    I haven't registered yet either---but I think my shower won't be until January. The ladies at my church want to throw me one. Been working on my registry list and my fiance and I probably will register sometime this month.

    I'm busy job hunting. I need money to help pay for wedding stuff, pay down debt and the like. Did go to a job fair yesterday and got a good lead so I'm waiting to here about that.

    My fiance and I are wedding ring shopping tonight! He's pretty much picked his out. Because of the size of my center stone I'm having a harder time. My goal is to find a ring tonight and I hope that happens. If we absolutely have to I will get one special made.

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  • My wedding dress arrives on Friday, I am so excited and rather nervous too.  I ordered it online, so have never tried it on.  However, the dresses on the website looked fantastic and the reviews were amazing, so everything should be OK.  Really looking forward to finally seeing it.
  • Sounds awesome!  @fre3doms, how are you doing your hair?  Did the hair trial go well?  I haven't found my hair stylist yet - it's on my never-ending list.  And good luck ring shopping, and on the potential job!
    And @Foster14, how exciting about your dress!  When it comes and you have a sec, feel free to put up pictures!  I love looking at wedding dresses.  I haven't seen my dress since January, and I get to go see it the first week in October to start my alterations. 

  • My hair trial went well. Doing my hair mostly down and curls. (which will hopefully stay) Then we're pulling back the front and I'm probably wearing a tiara or a pretty clip.

    We bought our wedding bands today! He's getting a simple tungsten one and I'm getting a simple white gold band. I figure with my large mystic fire topaz and 60+ tiny diamonds I don't need anymore bling.

    Also started our wedding registry. Picked out our dishes, silverware and a few other things. Gonna work on it some more on the 22nd.

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  • All you ladies are much further along than I am. We have our reception place booked. I sent in the request for the church. Today I'm going wedding dress shopping with FMIL and one of my bridesmaids. I don't think I will actually pick a dress until later this month when I have a chance to go visit my really good friend in Vegas where they have some bridal shops with great prices. I'm kind of in between dress sizes at the moment, so it will be interesting to see how that all works out. We have a meeting with a videographer tonight and will probably book that too. My family lives in Iowa and I'm in Idaho. My grandma is on oxygen and refuses to travel further than 20 miles, so she won't be at my actual wedding. We have always been really close, so I really want to have everything on a video so she can experience it with us when we get back to Iowa. And that is as far as we've gotten. He has some relatives asking about our registry. It was really cute because a couple months ago, he had no idea what a registry was or that such a thing existed. He thinks we have forever because it's 5 whole months and I'm wanting to be on overdrive since it's ONLY 5 months! Stuff is starting to fall together though. Yay! 
  • @foundmygent Yeah, my FI has the same opinion.  He thinks we have lots of time.  Five months is nothing, especially when there is so much to do!  And for me it isn't just wedding stuff - I just moved back to the country, so I barely have time to figure all that stuff out, let alone find hairstyles, arrange meetings with the pastors etc . . . Gah!  And we're trying to get rid of all his junk that his parents dumped on him when they separated and my FI hasn't taken care of yet, and it takes forever.
    But way to go on figuring out how to accommodate your grandma!  That's a really great idea - video taping it and then watching it with her.  And good luck dress shopping!  If you are in between dress sizes, my gut says go with the bigger one, because it makes alterations so much easier.  My dress is at least a size too big, but it has a zipper back and I want a lace-up (with medieval style lacing - none of this historically inaccurate cross-lacing, it's going to be ladder-lacing all the way!), so if I had gotten a size smaller I wouldn't have been able to do that as easily.  Just a thought!

  • @kerbohl Good luck with getting everything done! All that extra stuff on top of wedding could easily get stressful and bog you down. One day at a time for all of us! I'm just glad that I really love wedding planning and so I'm actually productive when it comes to stuff I'm excited about. Otherwise, I'm totally a procrastination queen. 
    I found a dress that I'm strongly leaning toward. I totally felt like a princess in it! The "demo" dress was also the only one that fit me pretty much perfectly as it was, so it was nice seeing what the dress would actually look like in a size that fit me. Apparently my dress size is no where near my pants size. I was super excited because it was much smaller than I thought physically possible to wear. I think that means that I have no boobs, lol. It's ok, I'll take the self-esteem boost. 
    Next on my list is save the dates (I just can't bring myself to abbreviate that). FI keeps adding to the guest list and his mom is getting addresses. Hopefully I have enough made, but I think I'm going to new some more. On Tuesday, FMIL and I are going to go out for coffee and address envelopes together. 
  • @foundmygent Hahha - I second the not abbreviating save the dates.  I think I have just for time's sake, but it is just so weird.  The first time my FI saw that he was so very confused. 
    I nixed the save the dates - I'm more focused on the actual invitations right now.  I'm doing a test of the wax seal that I'm putting on my invites (on the inside invitation) tonight.  Here's hoping it works and isn't too much hassle!

  • kerbohl said:
    @foundmygent Hahha - I second the not abbreviating save the dates.  I think I have just for time's sake, but it is just so weird.  The first time my FI saw that he was so very confused. 

    I third this. First time I read the forums I did a double take when I read StD. I was like O_O but then I caught on to the conversation between the posters and I was like "Ah okay, now I get it" 

    @ Kerbohl - I typed something out about the StD out in a message to my FI...he came back with "W.T.$?!?!" hahaha
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