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October 2013 Weddings

So, Who's our first bride and groom for October?

Are there any weekday brides that first week, or are the first weddings going to be on the 5th?

Tell us a little of your wedding detail...what state/country? What's your general theme/inspiration and has it turned out like you envisioned so far?

Re: So, Who's our first bride and groom for October?

  • Mine is the 4th! Wedding at a Catholic Church in IL where many of FI's relatives have wed, then reception at a banquet hall. I just wanted everyone to be there and for us all to boogie on down, lol so hopefully all will go smoothly! Colors are navy and silver, no specific theme
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  • I know there were 1 or 2 on the 4th. A bunch on the 5th.


  • jessyk1065! How many guests are you expecting! Do you have everything in order. Are you a ball of nerves or just really excited?


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  • Thanks @vainemerald! We invited about 200 but have gotten many more no's than I expected, so I am actually getting worried about meeting our 150 minimum! So hopefully we do! I am both nervous and excited, I just hope everyone has a good time! :)
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  • Ours is the 5th we invited 210 and with kids have 151...but we had invited lots of oots and my fiances family is hosting a separate banquet the next night for his culture and a lot of his older aunts/uncles/cousins have decided to just go to that which is fine.

    @jessy congrats!!!!
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