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Hindu/Christian Wedding 2 Ceremonies 1 Day

My fiance is Hindu and I am Christian. We are planning to have a traditional church ceremony and a Hindu ceremony in the same day. We are trying to figure out what our guest should do between the two ceremonies. We'd probably need an hour to an hour and a half to change clothes and get ready for the next ceremony. We were thinking of either serving a lunch or brunch, but we want to keep the costs low for this part of the day. Any suggestions?

Re: Hindu/Christian Wedding 2 Ceremonies 1 Day

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    I am in exactly the same boat as you!!! I'm so glad I found this post!!!! So I think the best thing to do is serve some snacks at the site of the second wedding, just to keep people from getting hungry and antsy.  In our case, there will be food at each of the respective houses (groom's side and bride's side).  Also, some people won't come to both weddings, so really having food available for those that really want to be in the midst of everything will benefit from having something either during the getting ready phase or before/during the ceremony.  I hope this helps!!!
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    My fiance is Hindu and I am Christian as well. My question is if we have a Hindu and Christian ceremonies in one day either separate  or together don't we have to have vegetarian food only. Also are you having the Christian wedding or the Hindu wedding first. because they put the mendi an you and it could get on your white dress. I am trying to figure this out. Thanks 
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    so for us, we are doing the mendhi three days before the wedding, allowing it to sit on my skin keeping it moist until the afternoon of the day before the wedding (mendhi on wednesday, comes off friday afternoon, rehearsal for christian wedding friday night, weddings saturday).  The Christian ceremony in on saturday morning and the Hindu wedding is in the afternoon followed by the reception.
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    I am English and not religious and my fiance is Hindu.  We are having 2 ceremonies in one day - the morning will be the registrar wedding where I will wear a white wedding dress and then we will serve a light lunch.  In the afternoon we will do the Hindu wedding ceremony wearing traditional Indian-style clothing.  We are pleased to be doing 2 weddings in 1 day - it means that the day will be for both of us and both of our families.  Two days would inevitably lead to one 'English' wedding day and one 'Hindu' wedding day. Good luck planning.  It is nice to hear about other brides in a similar situation! xx
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    We are also planning doing two ceremonies in one day. We are doing both ceremonies the dinner and reception all at the same location. We are doing the Hindu ceremony first then serving a lunch while we go and get changed for the second ceremony. Is any one else having difficulty trying to make a timeline for the day?
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    this is me too! Our day is super jam packed but I'm hoping its going to work. We're doing everything at one site (a hotel) which I think is going to be really helpful too. So our day is this: 9am- bridal party all arrives at hotel and gets ready. 10am- photos. 11:30am- catholic ceremony. 12:30 lunch reception til 2:30. Then a hour (ish) break for the guests and for us to change and get ready. 3:30- Baraat. 4pm- start of hindu ceremony. 6pm- cocktail hour 7:30pm- reception.

    Yea.... so its going to be crazy but I think its gonna work! (crossing my fingers anyway...)
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    Mehendi is usually done a night or two before in its own separate ceremony. Some of my friends have combined them with the Garba (if you are having one) but I'm just having it done at my house 2 days before. I think it will still look beautiful with the white wedding dress- or you can always wear gloves!
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    My fiance and I have decided to have the American wedding and reception on Saturday and the Sunday having the Hindu ceremony with lunch served (his mom also wants a Garba that day too).  I wish we could have come up with a way to do everything in one day but the number of guests his mom wants to invite (250) we just couldn't figure out a way to afford one big reception.  This way not everyone is invited to both ceremonies.  Its a tricky situation and I want to make sure his mom is happy and doesn't feel like she can't invite everyone she wants.  She keeps reminding me that for her wedding in India she had the entire town come and celebrate. 
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    We've decided on the following timeline
    8:00 the girls get hair and makeup done
    1030- pictures
    1130- baraat
    1200- Hindu ceremony...folled by a buffet lunch
    200- Christian ceremony
    that allows us from 3-6 for photos again
    6-8 dinner
    8- time to party!

    We are doing it all in the same location which I think will make it easier for us

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    We went to a wedding a couple of years ago where there was a Catholic ceremony in the morning, a lunch and a Hindu ceremony in the afternoon. The reception was in the evening. It seemed to work for the guests (me, at least). It was also a lot of fun.
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    My fiance and I are mixing religious rituals into one ceremony. For example, the exchange of the garlands is a Hindu custom but the exchange of the rings is western. We hope to combine 3 or 4 rituals from each of our cultures, from walking around the phere (sacred fire) to reading vows, etc. It reflects us really well, since neither of us is very religious per se but we both want a spiritual ceremony that reflects our cultures. It might prove difficult to find a Hindu priest who will agree to this, in which case we will go with an Interfaith minister who is familiar with Indian weddings and/or is possibly Indian.

    Just want to throw these ideas out for others....

    Good luck!
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    If it is a hindu/christian wedding, then I would suggest you to go for an  Indian Ethnic wear and an Indian ethnic ceremony,  which will be affordable and swipe the attention of the guests. And for the reception the bride can wear a designer saree and the groom can go for a designer sherwani, whick makes the couple look gorgeous.
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    my fiance is hindu too. im catholic... by any chance do you know something that i can do to take out my tatto for the mendh... we are having the mendhi and sanget on thursday, hindy wedding on friday and catholic ceremony and recepction on saturday.... i am happy to do the mendhi but in my skin take an orange color with the henna. i will love to take it out for my arm for the catholic ceremony.. do you know if there is a way or something that i can use to take them out for my skin? thank you
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    For anyone that has had 2 ceremoies in one day (Hindu/traditional), what type of food ws served? was it all vegetarian?

    My fiancee adn I are in the same situation and want to do the 2 ceremones, but my parents who are Hindu are having issues becuase they are saying you can not serve meat and the same day as a Hindu wedding. is this true?
  • Hi there,

    Just curious if this worked out and you found an interfaith minister to perform the ceremony.  It sounds really personalized - which is what I'd like.  Would love to hear your thoughts.    Thanks!
  • I just gt engaged, I am half Indian and was raised in the Hindu religion. My fiance is now Christian having converted from Judaism. We would like to have a Christian wedding and a Hindu wedding and are talking about how we want to do both. We were thinking that we would have two seperate ceremonies, but now we just started discussing having a blended ceremony. I feel like the blended ceremony would be really nice. I like how you outlined the ability to incorporate both ceremonies into one which feels very right to me too. The obnly thing is my fiance is very close wth his pastor and he would like his pastor to marry us in his church. I just started discussing the possibility of havingboth a Hindu priest and his pastor perform different aspects of each ceremony but we need to see if his pastor is open to that. has anyone ever heard of another ceremony like this? If so can you please let me know how it worked out? Thank you!

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    [QUOTE]My fiance and I are mixing religious rituals into one ceremony. For example, the exchange of the garlands is a Hindu custom but the exchange of the rings is western. We hope to combine 3 or 4 rituals from each of our cultures, from walking around the phere (sacred fire) to reading vows, etc. It reflects us really well, since neither of us is very religious per se but we both want a spiritual ceremony that reflects our cultures. It might prove difficult to find a Hindu priest who will agree to this, in which case we will go with an Interfaith minister who is familiar with Indian weddings and/or is possibly Indian. Just want to throw these ideas out for others.... Good luck!
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  • Hi All,

    I am hoping anyone that has either already had a Hindu/Christian wedding or is planning one can possibly help me - or I guess help my future family. My brother and sister-in-law to-be are getting married this October. She is Hindu and he is Catholic. Right now, the ceremony is pre-dominately Hindu, which both the bride and groom are okay with. However, both are trying to find a Christian figure that will also be apart of the ceremony, but are having an extremely difficult time finding a Christian figure (does not have to be Catholic) to partake in their ceremony. The ceremony is in Texas, but the bride and groom are willing to fly the Christian figure to their wedding, all expenses paid, for her/him to come and be apart of the ceremony in some way. Has anyone else run into a situation like this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • As far as the mehndi is concerned, it won't rub off onto the white dress (because it's a stain on the skin).  I don't think it's possible to take off other than when it naturally fades.  The best thing if you don't want it to show would be gloves.  If your skin takes it as an orange color, it sounds like it just wasn't left on long enough.  (My skin will become orange from it if I don't leave it on overnight.)  Try to leave it on longer, and it should become a nice dark redish brown that I think would be really pretty with a white wedding dress.  (You can also find different color mendhi you can try.)

    For the food, I think it's okay to serve just vegetarian food.  No one will really notice if you don't mention that there's no meat, and if it's all tasty!  (Especially if you are serving Indian food.)  This way no one will be offended.  (I have been vegetarian my whole life, being raised hindu, but living in Texas most of my friends are not.  I've never served meat at a party, even dinner parties, and people never seem to care or even notice.)
  • We are a Sikh/Hindu couple.  We are currently planning on starting with the Sikh ceremony followed by lunch and a wardrobe change, then the hindu ceremony.  I would like to have the reception the following day for several reasons: after both ceremonies, followed by pictures, and any customs that need to be completed there will be zero to no time to get ready for the reception and not be exhausted and I really want to enjoy my wedding and every moment of it; rather, then feeling like we are just going through the motions and rushing everything.  My fiance on the other hand wants everything the same day, but we live in New York and New York venues are not set up for weddings that are entirely all day.  Also, by splitting up the wedding and reception our guests will have a change to relax, enjoy the city, and not be at an all day wedding.  We can also have two venues, which is almost like paying for two weddings, but it allows us to have two entirely different looks for the wedding/reception, which should be fun.  
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    My family is Christian and my fiancé is Indian. We have been through do many different ideas, and I think we have finally decided on one. We are going to have a small American style beach wedding with our closest friends and family on Friday. This will be very simple like standing only on the beach for about twenty minutes. Then we will so a small dinner and Mehdi. The next day we will do the Hindu ceremony followed by a reception. I feel like this will give us time to enjoy this special time in out life. I just hope none of my family feels like we are just throwing in the American wedding to be politically correct.

  • We're having both ceremonies in the same day. As we'll be doing so, trying to keep the guests happy, and the whole experience for everyone involved a memorable one, the ceremonies will be kept as brief as possible (30-45 minutes). The following depicts the flow of the day all in one location:

    1. Hindu ceremony
    2. High Tea (common to both Indian and English culture)
    a. Wardrobe change for bridal party
    b. Bridal party photos
    3. Christian ceremony
    4. Cocktail hour
    5. Reception
  • Contact Hindu Priest Bay Area INC. for Weddings all over USA & Canada.
  • The temple that we are doing our Hindu wedding at will provide lunch for our guests at a low cost and we are only inviting family members and close friends to that ceremony.

    My Fiancee and I converted from Hinduism to Christianity but we are still having one Hindu wedding (in the morning) and one Christian wedding (in the evening). We decided to do it this way in honor of our parents who are both Hindus. We are having a lot of difficulty planning out the logistics of the event because the Hindu wedding will be at a Hindu temple whereas our Christian ceremony will be at a different location followed by the reception. We haven't really decided on a timeline as to how things will go on that day. The Hindu wedding will start at 10am, maybe earlier because of bharat, etc. and then followed by a light lunch. I need to leave the temple to get to the other venue by at least 1 so I can get ready and take pictures, etc. The Christian ceremony won't start until around 5 or so. I was wondering how others in a similar situation may have planned out their wedding day because I really need help! 
  •  I am in a somewhat similar situation - I'm Hindu and my fiance is Syrian Christian.  We're actually planning to do the wedding on two separate days, but we're having trouble finding a Christian priest who is familiar with Syrian Christian traditions and is willing to marry us (despite the fact that I'm not a church member).  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on priests?  Ideally we would like the person to be Indian and familiar with the Malayalam language.  Our wedding date is Oct 2015 in New York/Long Island area.

  • Similiar situation as well- Christian ceremony in the morning and Hindu in the afternoon. I'm trying to avoid getting my invitations from India because I'd like to see a prototype first. Does anyone have a suggestion on the wording? Or an example of what your invitation looked like? We are getting married May 2015 and need to order soon, but I have no idea what to write without it looking like chaos! Help?
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