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November 2013 Weddings

quick wedding

ok...so have never done this before and not even sure if anyone will see this respond to this etc but figured I am on here so why not............do you think it is possible to pull off a formal wedding by 11/3/13..........not starting cold, have made numerous phone calls so pretty much know most prices and availability, ordered my dress ( paid rush fee) and had bridesmaids try dressed on basically it is just getting over indecision picking color, invite etc and pulling the trigger......if yes, I am in New York and am afraid and freaking that if I just do this by this year and going into months where days are shorter, I may regret not having any beautiful out door photos ( sun will set that day before we get to hall from church)......actually was trying for 10/20/13 but mother has tortured me so much about certain things (family issue) that could not follow through or focus to get it done quickly enough..so now upset about the daylight/photo issue....opinions please reassurance or otherwise telling me to wait til next year either way.......

Re: quick wedding

  • Honestly, I've been planning for nearly 2 years as that was a big amount of time. I truly cannot imagine having 2 months to plan a wedding. I don't mean to be a downer but unless you hire a coordinator used to planning fast, I'd recommend either holding off or eloping.

    Is there a specific reason why you want to get married in 8 weeks?


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  • You can definitely do it in two months but its gonna cost you! You don't have time to shop around for the best prices and deals. If your venue of choice is available and you have the money, it's doable.
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  • My sister got engaged and married in less than 3 months. However, her wedding was incredibly simple with details. Only had coffee and cake at the wedding and then about 20 of us went to eat at a BBQ restaurant afterwards. Her dress was found at a garage sale and fitted by a friend. Cake was also made by a friend. If you are wanting to go the simple route, then yes I think it is possible. However, if you feel like you are wanting more details then enjoy your engagement for longer and plan a different date. Is there a specific reason why you are trying to rush it? I feel like part of the actual wedding process is getting to enjoy making these decisions. If you have the option, I say try and wait a little longer so that you get all the details you want. 
  • At our wedding, we had it within 2 months but it was bad. We didnt have anything we wanted and nothing was really planned. 

    for our renewal, its much better! We have been planning and buying since May. Its easier to save/buy/plan when its farther out. I can now see why people have a long time between engagement and wedding, its so much easier! 
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  • LeciaBLeciaB member
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    marsm4 said:
    You can definitely do it in two months but its gonna cost you! You don't have time to shop around for the best prices and deals. If your venue of choice is available and you have the money, it's doable.
    this.. or if you can find a place that is all inclusive that could help too

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  • WonderRedWonderRed member
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    Well the good news is that November isn't a popular wedding month so finding vendors will be easier.  We just got engaged July 4 of this year so we only had four months and we've done it mostly with no problems.  But we're only having 30 something guests.  We are doing the full cocktail hour, plated dinner, and live music reception.  We're doing it at a high end restaurant that has  private dining rooms and also has the grounds for a private ceremony before it opens to the public so everything was a one stop deal, which made it much much easier. We only had to go outside of them for our music and officiant.  That's it.

    It's doable but keep in mind that you can't get too hung up on details at this point or let yourself get bogged down by minutia.   If you're going to do it you need to just make decisions now and not second guess them.
  • I think like everyone else said, it will be doable but not cheap and not necessarily easy. If you are tied to that date, then just be prepared that you may not get all your first choice vendors or best pricing. Also, the next two months will be pretty stressful because it's a lot of details to pull together. 

    Either way, good luck and if you go forward with it and have more questions, ask away!
  • Re:outdoor photos

    Think about it this way. The "magic hour" for photos is right around sunset, which, in November, is pretty early. I'm getting married at 4 PM on 11/24 and sunset is right around 4:30. Our plan is to do most of the formal shots before the ceremony and a few right after at 4:30, right around sunset. It will be beautiful. :) 
  • My fiancé's parents wanted us married last year... They told my FH to propose over 4th July, he told them she wants a fall wedding, their response was, you can plan a wedding in 3 months.. I would have gone nuts trying to plan my wedding in 3 months! If you can do it and have the wedding you want all props to you! I would not do that to myself. Happy Wedding planning. Just make sure it's what you want! If there is something you are going to be disappointed in not being to have/do maybe re-evaluate when you want to get married
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  • Punk1215Punk1215 member
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    I think it is doable! I've been engaged for over a year, but we've changed literally everything about our wedding at least once, including the date! We had a lull in the planning, and everything has kicked back in now, but in all honesty I'm getting everything done in 2 months anyways, so I don't see it as an issue!
  • just life and family issues and everyone getting older and tired of waiting
  • doll8107doll8107 member
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    ok so I am a ' the knot' idiot!...I hit reply on the first response and see it reads as if it is after the last one so makes no sense - sorry.........
  • doll8107doll8107 member
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    @ wonder red....sage advice because it sounds like you know me....worry about all the stupid details that wont matter in 5 years, second guess to the point decisions are made by indecision....so bad.....; punk 1215, we got engaged (2nd time - long story and not even a break up story) Chritmas eve and started running in  jan and march but thrown way off track by my mother and issues so dropped the ball...it would be a formal wedding, called and there are 2 days in November we like at 2 diff vendors that were in our top 3 so not bad at all ( Chateu La mer and the Riviera)..10/20/13 is clearly out....now again deciding between venue and Thanksgiving weekend and if that will effect the head count _ .....thank you ladies for responding and well wishes.....wish I would have learned this 'discussion thing months ago!
  • If you have a lot of out of towners, Thanksgiving weekend will probably impact your headcount as travel is way more expensive.  It is impacting us the weekend before.
  • Anything is possible if you have the time to do it.. We started two months ago.. We were late, but I'm planning solo. Maybe I you had parents or freinds that could be heavily involved and help??
  • I agree with jenfromjersey.. This late in the game, your going to get a lot of no's on a thanksgiving weekend. That's a tough time
  • yeah I did think about that....no no help, but really if the decisions are mine ( they worst part for me) I dont know they can help anyway - besides favors and stuffing envelopes, which in that respect I do have a few that say they will help........go back and forth b/c today at lunch someone said the most important people will be there which is true but yes it will make for a smaller wedding
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