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Morning all! We need to get our rings appraised for our renters insurance (they require this in order to have it covered on the insurance policy) We've reached out to Zachery's, located in both Severna Park and Annapolis. They are $75 per piece of jewelry. I'm not too familiar with this process, so I'm not sure if this is a good value or not. Does anyone have any insight or know of another place to get jewelry appraised?

Thanks everyone!

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    You can find appraisals for cheaper if you shop around. I would call different jewelry stores and ask their rates, sometimes what they will do is give a little off the price if you have multiple pieces...for instance, 60 for the first piece, then 40 for each additional piece...not sure where you are located, but Sergio's in Ellicott City has an independent appraiser who comes in every other week, those were his rates last I checked. He is a very reputable appraiser and has many certifications.
  • Have you tried Helzburg Diamonds?
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