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Reception hall questions

Just wondering if anyone has ever used or knows anything about the UAW hall in Rossford across from Bass Pro.  I can't find anything on it!!

Also does anyone know about St. Michael's center in Oregon?

Thanks so much!!!

Re: Reception hall questions

  • Linds565Linds565 member
    edited December 2011

    I have been to a few weddings at St. Michaels. They have a larger space, able to accomodate upwards of 400 and their food is awesome. With St. Michael's, you have to use their catering. It is VERY good, but also pretty expensive. My FH and I are paying for the entire wedding, so this was not an option for us. Another plus is that it is right down the street from the Holiday Inn Express. We actually had the Yeehas shuttle pick us up from the reception and went to the bar for a bit then walked next door to our hotel. It was very convenient. The hall over by Bass Pro is actually called Lake View Banquet Facility. I had called them a few times when we were picking halls and I never got an answer, so I just kind of gave up and we ended up picking the Stranahan. Hope this info help!

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    I've always heard great things about Michael's catering. Haven't had them since I was a child though.

    Lake View is a beautiful hall, it holds about 200 people. I had problems getting all the numbers from the lady I talked to. But they work with you to make anything you want.
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    Lake View is a very pretty hall.  I've always heard good things about the food quality.  That was one of the main contenders for our hall, but we were put off when there were a lot of extra charges added on for labor, bartenders, etc.  It put the hall out of our price range after we added everything up.
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    We had our reception at Lake View. It is smaller than St Micheals if you need a lot more room. They do the prices differently - instead of paying say $150 per bartender, you pay the labor by the hour. Their food is great - you can bring in your own pop and liquor. Its Premier catering that you talk to - I don't think the hall has anyone there to talk to. Everyone loved the wall of windows overlooking the "lake". We put candles on the ledge - this pic is from outside near the end of the night. It turned out to be a great option for us - the hotels are SO CLOSE! Good Luck!
  • Katiekins44Katiekins44 member
    edited December 2011
    Lakeview is going to be too small.  I went to St. Michael's today and liked it but am also thinking about the Stranahan.  I have the info packet they mailed but am wondering if there are hidden charges that they haven't included.  The price seems low and I'm worried there is something they are not telling me.  I would greatly appreciate more detailed info from anyone using the Stranahan!!!!
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