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Has anyone heard of or had experience with the Herbal Life program? I have heard mix reviews on it. 

I've heard about a lot of instant success but I'm afraid I'll gain all the weight back after I decide to quit it. 

HELP ME (: What would you suggest??

Re: Herbal Life Program

  • Personally, I don't believe in any of those programs... Heralife, shakeology, etc. 

    I am sure they work for some people, but they always feel like pyramid schemes to me because so many people end up selling it after they start using it. WARNING! This is going to be rude: I also don't trust any program who has "coaches" who are in worse shape than I am. 

    I would much rather accomplish my goals on my own through exercise and healthy eating than pouring hundreds of dollars into an easier route.
  • I would suggest trying to find something that works long term for you. It will work for sure at first but it's not really a long term solution for weight loss just like many of the other shake diets, or eating Special K two times a day or whatever. Drastically reducing calories like this will obviously make anyone lose weight. 

    I have had success with the South Beach Diet. Since May I have lost 22lbs, I will mention I exercise 4-5 times a week too. You really need to find a way to overall change your eating habits without a "diet" mentality. SB got me to focus on what I can eat and kinda forced me to relearn my approach to eating and food. I am not saying this program is the best for you but there are many approaches to eating clean that you can take that' won't leave you feeling deprived or on a mainly liquid diet. Crash or extreme dieting never worked for me because I always felt so deprived and eventually failed completely. 

    Hopefully you can also find an exercise program you enjoy. I really like to take group fitness classes that are bootcamp style or doing videos at home. But I am sure you can find something that you like too. My sister is a big fan of Zumba and combines that with swimming and my cousin takes boxing classes everyday and that works for them. Finding what you like really helps keep you motivated and working out consistently. 

    Good luck!
  • WARNING! This is going to be rude: I also don't trust any program who has "coaches" who are in worse shape than I am. 

    I think you make a completely fair point here. It's something I don't understand about beach body (shakeology) and I know several women that sell the stuff. 
  • OP, I don't know what Herbal Life is, but I know what Herbalife is. Are you thinking that's the same thing? Herbalife is utter crap. 
    Read the ingredients. 
    It's packed with "all natural" preservatives, sugar alcohols (fake sugar) and "natural flavors" (<-- which means it could basically be anything). 
    Don't give in to the garbage.  
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